Okay some after a while, a long while actually I figured out what was keeping my phones sensors running all the time
I thought of the Kernel, Xposed, Xposed modules, Apps, firmware …
But it was as simple as Gesture Wakeup
Although I can tell you, that some settings on FlymeTools and “Fix blackscreen issue” on L SPEED app while keep the sensors running all the time even If you don’t have anything enable that uses sensors
Okay so here is a picture that I made explaining the problem

:::0_1463498356388_Sensored.jpg :::

What you see on the pictures is a clean install of the latest beta, I only installed Xposed with no modules for see If that was the problem, there is also a few apps installed which I was testing as well for knowing If they were the problem, but it turned to be all related with gesture wakeup

I actually have been using Gesture Wakeup since I first bought the phone, for the tap to wake feature and I didn’t give me problems in the past, so I’m pretty sure that is bug from at least the 3 last betas

So, guys I’d like to hear your feedback If you are having the same problem or If you have those features activated and you are not getting sensor problems
You might also want to check If you actually having this issues without knowing because having the sensors running all the time will drain your battery

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