Flyme 3.7.3 official

The first official/stable version of Android 4.4 for the MX3 is available now! Keep in mind this version is different from the test version!


  • New upgrade to Android 4.4.4, bring more smooth experience.
  • New ART mode (dial pad, enter *#*#6961#*#* After entering the settings - Accessibility - Developer Tools - Select the operating environment).
  • Added to press the power button lock screen, there will be a gradual darkening of the screen lock screen animation.
  • Added support Root common authority after hosting tools.
  • Changes when you turn the power saving mode to install the application, CPU frequency should also be limited to 600MHz.
  • Problem-solving mode under ART Root Root privileges partially dependent features and tools can not properly use.
  • No clear data to solve the case of an upgrade, third-party applications can not control the volume of the issue.
  • OTG function to solve the problem can not connect U disk to use normal.
  • Addressing system font selection medium or large, SMS contacts display problems.
  • MX2 solve problems in some third-party display black blocks APP.
  • Situation can not boot or reboot the machine appears to solve some charge.
  • After installing the application opens instantly solve the power saving mode causes the CPU frequency does not drop down problem.
  • Solve off ‘to allow installation of applications from unknown sources’ from the document after installing the application, open return after APK package is installed, there ‘external application installation has stopped running’ issue.


  • Added support to display the correct virtual operators (eg Ali communication) name of the.
  • If you opened a new call waiting service, and now every five seconds while waiting tone will play prompts you.
  • Solve the dial will flash when a call missed calls again the problem of the interface.
  • Solve local call recording or playback call recordings, both silent call problem.
  • Contact group to solve the problem of abnormal display.
  • Solve local contact number, even now when the incoming contact name does not show a problem.
  • Solve Traditional or English display, contact search less problems.
  • Infrared triggers a call to solve the problem, double-click the HOME key will call back, "the
  • Power to solve serious problems after call.
  • Solve MX2 disconnect the call to play in the infrared unusual circumstances beep problem.
  • Resolved to call when the next need to unlock the lock screen to display caller interface issues.
  • Enter the number in the dial this number keypad and then select Add to Contacts, when solved, the number does not automatically fill in contact phone problem of the column.


  • Alipay payment messages on behalf of the new scene recognition template to optimize the recognition - algorithm.
  • New SMS long press can collect and optimize the message list, according to the individual, notice, collection of three shows.
  • Modify cornet, fetion information already stored in the number of overseas contacts inside, will be classified into individual numbers are not stored, classified as notice.
  • After solving the new information from the horizontal screen interface into the recipient interface, click ‘Add’ keyboard does not pop the question.
  • Resolved in information interface selected hyperlinks SMS, click the hyperlink after exiting selected issues unresponsive.


  • New Song Shan Plaza, support collection, comment, share, search and other features that make your song single concern.
  • New album, single key themes and song collections or synchronize.
  • New Dirac HD Sound reduction headphones sounding acoustic wooden hi-fi technology, perfect sound quality.
  • Solve the entire single-track song of songs being played can not be added to the list of issues.
  • Solving two different albums, album details screen displays two albums all the songs questions.
  • Resolved or removed from the self-built single song list of my favorite songs have been downloaded, the songs will not be deleted automatically download problems.
  • Resolve into my music interface, display ‘loading’ problem for too long.
  • Resolve to enter the equalizer after connecting headphones, even now ‘use need to plug’ problems.
  • After resolving unknown album collections, view a list of tips in the collection server timeout problems.
  • When connecting the headphones to play songs solve calls, unplug the headset to answer, hang up the music continues to play after the issue.
  • Solve the mobile client to play songs enabled DLNA, after closing the remote player, click the play button phones end music player unsuccessful problem.
  • Solve searched “weather and search” in the local music album or artist, no album or artist into the problem corresponding page after clicking.
  • Local search optimization support multiple combinations of search word or phrase, such as entering ‘fly once’ can also be found to Zeng ‘flying thief’.
  • Optimization categorized by album artist album shows local interface, the same album will no longer be split into multiple albums entrance display.
  • Optimization of local singers interface more concise, easy to find music by artist you.
  • Click optimized SMS, Bluetooth share music direct and convenient access to the music player client.
  • Optimization algorithm recently played stations, allowing you to find the most popular radio station.


  • Solve the micro-channel “to sweep” function failure problems that may arise focus.
  • Solve some of the third-party application to take pictures using the front camera, photo frame upside down question.
  • When using the camera filters solve the “positive” filter, inconsistent preview photo effects and shoot out the problem.
  • Turn the camera occasionally prompted to solve the problem of connection failure.
  • Solve the same time open filters and HDR, post filter bar occasionally disappear problem.
  • Solved after switching to text mode open filters and photographed, photo filter effects have problems.
  • Resolved macro mode switching front and rear camera can not click on the record button issues.
  • Even now resolved to stop running after the lead photo camera pictures can not be saved, the question can not be used gallery.
  • After adjusting the shutter speed to solve the video of the flash can not be opened during problem.


  • Added an ‘automatic’ filter.
  • Modify the picture gallery folder change the default sort is “chronological”.
  • Resolve not view WBMP format images U disk problem.
  • Click the gallery to view the document solve network with neighbors or external U disk image, you can not slip around to see other pictures of the same directory issues.
  • Optimization library catalog management, only the directory containing the images, accompanied by a thumbnail, a glance, find and view your pictures more convenient to download.


  • New video of the whole network search function, the search results will increase the resource from the PPS, Youku and other video sites.
  • Modify the video data interface update to the latest version of the channel list and more timely data updates.
  • Can not resolve certain format video playback problems.
  • Solve part of the video player color ghosting problems exist.


  • New site navigation, to facilitate quickly find the desired site.
  • New light applications, the browser can also be used APP friends, without having to download, Click-
  • Solve web browser sporadic problems stains collapse.
  • Solve no network connection, at light load application selection screen, click on the screen, the interface flashing question.
  • Resolve cross-screen applications into the light of all the page, while clicking the return key and all the icons will complain of problems.
  • Flash player to solve the problem by not responding back browser address bar and enter the URL to access the browser does not respond to the.
  • Solve word re-publishing of individual sites will crash.
  • Solve some of the pages can not play music issues (eg
  • Optimization of web pages when play streaming media Click Install Flash plug-in, will automatically match the appropriate Flash plug-in.


  • New Folder Chinese notes show notes get information networking, directory, commonly used software on the SD card has a Chinese Notes created.
  • New sorting function, according to the name, time, type, size sorting.
  • Solve the problem through a document into a locked area when browsing pictures can not be viewed through a continuous sliding around.
  • Solve network neighbors in frequent switching Wi-Fi network device list when clicking crash.
  • Network Neighborhood feature optimized interface and user experience.


  • Add notes “photo sharing” feature, you can easily create long microblogging.
  • Add notes to restore the Undo function can be restored many times, revocation text, pictures, sound recordings, lists, write notes and more blossoms.
  • New desktop widget you can directly create notes, you can also set their own notes which are displayed in the desktop widgets.
  • Added “encryption” group, all of which are encrypted notes belonging to the group notes, visit the packet need to enter a password Flyme.
  • The machine does not clear the data part of the solution leads to the question blank notes upgraded content display.
  • Optimized Desktop notes slide more smoothly widget.

Application Center:

  • New Application Center offline cache, faster and more provincial traffic.
  • Evaluation of the application logic changes, and now need to download and install only after the evaluation, so let us see a more objective evaluation of information software.
  • Download function optimization Application Center, download the application software has become more smoother.
  • Update frequency optimization popular applications, fun applications can be downloaded to the first time in the application center.
  • Optimization template reporting problems, reducing manual input charm faithful =.


  • Added functionality VIP recipient.
  • New contacts intelligent association function, that the next time you enter the email address of one of them, other people’s e-mail address will automatically appear in the recipients in association.
  • In the case of solving encryption, Exchange e-mail account to call the problem of lost prone.
  • Changes in reply to a message screen, click the “Select” button can not select text in question.
  • Fast switching protocol when addressing each email account, there are two mail accounts overlap issues mailing list.

System Update:

  • New System Update APP.
  • If there is a new version of the new system, the notification bar will be a message to remind you to upgrade.
  • Added to upgrade the number of actual show, so you clearly know that he is the first of several upgrades user.
  • Added to upgrade the system APP upgrade the status bar a new version, the upgrade is not completed, the upgrade is complete the status prompt.
  • New upgraded version is to force, you can point a praise or give a bad review.
  • After the new download is complete, restart the countdown automatically, eliminating the need for constant view the phone if the download is complete trouble.
  • New ART mode users will remind upgrade.

China Mainland Version
International Version

China Mainland Version
International Version

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Yeah I saw this earlier on flyme weibo…
Why they go from 3.8A experimental to 3.7.3A stable?? :P
No real shortage of numbers is there ;)

I’ll try this tomorrow…

So is it safe to go from 3.8 Test To this without wiping data?

Hello, my mx3 china edition came with 3.8a test version preinstalled, now the new 3.7.3a stable version is out and I don´t know if I can “downgrade” to that. Do I need to wipe all my data or just download the update.bin and install the new update?

I´m new to Mx3 so bare with me if this question is stupid


@qari2k10 it probably works, but it’s best to create a backup in case anything goes wrong.

@sopaj96 it’s best to Clear data but it may work without. Flyme 3.8A was installed by third-party. Meizu does not ship their devices with test firmwares.

can anyone confirm that it works without clear data?

It does but Google play gets crashed again

We can resolve Google Play problem with “The fix” method. This is the way I did.

It’s anything new in this release compared to the 3.8A?

@‘abies’ said:

It’s anything new in this release compared to the 3.8A?

no, its just like the 3.7.x fw but “stable” and without the “smart hide smartbar” function

Snapchat videos still not working…

What exact is the art mode? Is it only the possibility to come in the development settings?


@‘tetotrink’ said:

What exact is the art mode? Is it only the possibility to come in the development settings?

It is basically a runtime on which the android apps run. ART replaces Dalvik and was introduced in kitkat. There may be a few incompatible apps and bugs so read about it well before changing to art…
To get a basic idea:
ART - xda

@‘tetotrink’ said:

And how to change?

open dialer, type in *#*#6961#*#* and enter settings --> Accessibility --> Developer Tools --> Select the operating environment

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