Pro 6 Gray/Black in stock?

Is anyone knows, when Black version will be available to buy? For now only silver and gold :(
On the official Meizu FB I received :: " we’re sorry to hear that, but we don’t have any information about that." - Maybe someone has contact directly from Meizu?

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@szmerd Don’t waste your time, by asking official Meizu employees.
It’s written down here:

Did you try There are shops that sell it. It’s the Chinese version but you can do an ID change and make it global.


Some Aliexpress stores ship it per EU express, to the EU, it’s fast and will avoid tax. Ask if you need more information.

The downside of getting a China phone is that you don’t have official support. After reading the first link you should ask yourself if official support is worth the extra 100€ (or more) you pay for a global device.

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@Rey ups.

@szmerd ignore my post it’s useless to you. Haha! I am very sorry! Please forgive me.

Gray with black is in pre-order or now on most pages.
Manufacturers tend to start by adding more colors later.

Good news is: If you wait some more the prices will drop.
-> Like this one here has it in pre-sale, link:

However, I am surprised that you want a Pro 6.

Are you aware that the X25 is not more powerful than the Pro 5 Exynos? But has ten cores instead of eight?
There is no user experience yet, but usually -> the more cores, the more energy it eats up and heats it produces. (This means you get no performance boost, but less battery and more heat.)
The 3D touch is useless, for all apps but FlymeOS stock apps.
And in theory, the ring led brings no advantage, without excellent software behind it.

This is all theory, for now; not enough people have it. But in theory, the Pro 6 is not a good bargain.

Why would you like to get the Pro 6?

Edit to have it all at one spot.
The global Pro 6 will not ship before the 15th of June. So if you want a global device you must wait at least one more month.
-> You could pre-order the gray or black dunno how they call it. (I think it’s the same.)

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@Ultrametric i already preordered pro 6, a month ago at ibuygou.
And You are in wrong with Your suggestions about pro 6 :)
check this:

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@szmerd Reviews are an advertisement, especially the first ones.
Hand selected reviewers that give positive feedback get the devices early.

About what exactly am I wrong?

@Ultrametric I mean Your opinion :)
I understand after Pro 5 You expect something more, but for me (previously MX5) its the best choice :)
I love new look and grey colour <3
Also i’m not using phone for games and helio x25 will be enought.
I know flyme quite good and I can bet for battery life - easily 1 day with high usage


@szmerd Yes, it’s an upgrade from the MX5 that’s true.

And if you are prepared to pay a bit extra for useless features, it’s a nice device.

This is not for you, but for others. (as it’s too late for you)
-> If you buy devices in pre-order you don’t get em faster, you are just certain that the price won’t drop.
The prices drop as soon as re-sellers get the phones in stock, but if you pre-order that won’t happen.
So avoid pre-order, unless it’s a hell of a bargain.

Edit to make this post more useful:

The official Meizu agent Chinese-Resellers have it in pre-sale from the 15 of June. Those guys usually have the good dates, though the number of available devices might be limited.
As you may have noticed it’s hard to get hands on the device in general.

It’s hard to tell when your Chinese re-seller gets it in the stock, you have to ask them. (And they won’t help you.)
But I trust the official meizu agent re-seller, if they claim to ship it after the 15th of June, it’s a good date. Mark the date. (And hope you get it earlier.)

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@szmerd hey,

as soon as you get it please run a test on the battery.

I looked around a bit and saw a Russian guy making a show off vs the Mi5 and the Pro 6 wiped the floor with the MI5, in a battery test. (dunno what they tested exactly, it’s not sated.)
And the Amoled display vs the 16 LED display will give the Pro 6 a huge boost, but still that’s pretty nice.

So if you get it please share your thoughts and specially on the on the paper weak 2.5k battery.

@Ultrametric so i’ve finally received my PRO 6 :)

After 4 days I can say battery is quite simmilar to MX5 - Full 24h with SOT about 4> hours
Speed: nothing to complaint. Flyme 5 is smooth and Android 6.0 do a good job


@szmerd that’s nice battery.

sweet :D

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