Meizu pro 5 grey and dark grey color differences

Greetings to everyone. As I can see in the official Meizu site there is 2 colors available for the black model. One with a silver back and one with a darker grey back. Can anyone of you post some images here so we can understand the color difference?

Please do not post dumb questions, It took me 3 seconds to find this image in google images
Those are the 3 colors available for the back of the phone, the light grey is available both the black and white front
alt text

I don’t think my question is so weird while I see that there are 4 colors on meizu site below.

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@Leftezog That’s because the light grey back is available with the white and black front, as I said on the first post
While the dark grey is only available with the black front
And the gold one which is only available with white front

That’s the difference that I want to see. How much darker is the back of the black front model with the silver back vs the black front model with the gray back.


@Leftezog What are you up to?
I am really curious?

Are you some kind of “50 shades of gray” matter guy?

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am really curious about why you ask about the color, nobody every does that usually. All care about support, performance and Android.

@Leftezog Oh gos…
Okay, Imagine that the very first picture that I posted are all phones with the black front, now look at the back of those phones and there you have it
And If you cannot tell the difference between the phone on the bottom of the picture and the one on the upper right, is because is ALMOST the same grey but I can tell you that those are different colors

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@Asiier Greetings, i don’t see any reason to offend @Leftezog for simply putting a question that also bothers me and i thing many other people too. I did some google research and i can not tell the differece with those two colors. If you want to go blindly and buy one of those be my guest but don’t play smart on something you just said that you also don’t know.

@Asxet0s Man, those are the 2 different colors you can get with the black front
And believe me, they are different colors


@Asxet0s It’s hard to express it perfectly with words.
It’s so simply to misread or mistype something.
@Asiier is very likely surprised by this question as most are.

Nobody usually asks for this.

And as you said the difference is insignificant -> hard to tell apart.

For you all that cannot see the difference
1_1463401916671_Captursae.PNG 0_1463401916671_Captfdsfure.PNG
It’s not that hard, maybe is due to the fact that I’m colorblind and I distinguish better the shades of grey but Idk

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@Asiier Sir, maybe you didn’t get it from the beggining… At meizus’ official site there is a black front with grey back and another one again black front with darker grey back. We are just asking the differece on that backcover. There is a very slight tin differece on the photos but we are asking if someone ever saw them both and has some photos to show as. Just that.

@Asxet0s When I bought my phone I saw both and as you saw the difference is really tiny
You cannot get better picture than those, but anyways let me try to search If I had a picture of compared


@Asxet0s that’s a nice request but will be very tricky to fulfill.

-> You need someone with both phones to make a picture of both next to each other with the same light conditions. (better done with a nice camera and studio light)

You have to find that person and motivate him to go through the effort, time is precious, don’t forget that.

So I am not saying that your request isn’t a good idea. But I think it’s not the time worth spent investigating.

-> Unless you have a really amazing reason why you want to know this, please explain. Why do these shades of gray matter. (I am really curious, not making fun.)

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@Ultrametric Sir i never urged anyone to answear me. I just asked IF anyone can show the difference i know that to do something like that the conditions that you mentioned should occur but if anybody can it would be nice. If not then ok i’ll figure it somehow. There isn’t any specific reason for this question just some really bad curiosity. I didn’t mean to offend anyone but i was fraustrated when the question marked as stupid. It was just a question not clever not stupid also…

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