Instagram & Twitter problems: they keep crashing all the time, please help!!!

I have some weeks with my Pro 5 and everything works perfectly but I have a lot of problems with Instagram and sometimes with Twitter. What happens is that sometimes (like 4 or 5 times a day) when I open Instagram and try to slide down it just freezes and then I get the message saying that the App is not responding.
What I do to try to temporarily solve this is to clean the cache and then use Instagram, sometimes this works but sometimes I have to restart my Pro5 to make it work.
The same happens with Twiter, but less frequently.
I have also tried to uninstall the App and then install it again but minutes or hours later the problem continues.

I don’t know if this issue has something to do with the fact that I have the Chinese versión. I don’t really want to root my phone but if making it to convert it to the international versión will help to solve this issue I will do it.

So please help me with this, it is a very annoying problem, I will really appreciate if you give me a solution, thanks!!!

@soriano007 Please give us more information, like the firmware version you are using and If you have rooted the phone or no
But I can anticipate that the problem is firmware related, not because is the Chinese version but probably because is a faulty install of the firmware
As soon as you provide us with that information we will be able to give you a solution

@Asiier thanks for your reply, right now I have the beta but it was the same when I had the so I don’t know what’s the problem. My phone is not rooted yet, hope you can help, thanks again!!

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@soriano007 So the same problem on different firmware version?
That’s weird, and just happens with those 2 apps?
Well, my recommendation is to do a fresh install
Download the latest stable or beta firmware and Install, you have to tap in both of the options that they are shown (Upgrade firmware and Wipe Data) this will delete all of your apps, not the photos and music
If that doesn’t work, go to Settings -> About Phone -> Storage -> Factory data reset -> And tap both of the options, this will erase all the information on your phone, so I do recommend you to do a back before
If the problem persist just post again and I’ll try to give you some other instructions

@Asiier thanks again, I tried to make the fresh install but I just got a message saying that the firmware is corrupt, I don’t know why. So I guess I will try the Factory reset and see what happens.

@soriano007 What model do you have? Is it a Chinese version or an International version?

@Asiier I have a Chinese versión as soon as I know. I have already made the Factory reset, and it seems like the problem continues, I already had to uninstall and reinstall twitter like 3 times, and Instagram also crashed like 3 or 4 times. I really don’t get it, this is really annoying!!! If you have any other solution please let me know, thanks.

I have the same issue, very annoying. all the other apps work fine I’ve tried installing older version of instagram and it’s still freezing/crashing after a few seconds.

If you have Chinese version and you try to install “A” firmware it must not give you an error, so I don’t understand how that could happen
Anyways, as I see that you’re a Spanish speaker you could contact me via chat so I can give some more instructions in Spanish

I haven’t had time to update, but what I can say is that after @Asiier kind help the Instagram problem seems to be solved (even though some minutes ago it freezed again, hope it won’t happen again). In the other hand Twitter continues with the same problem, maybe even worse, I have to uninstall it and reinstall it like 10 times per day. I am really disappointed, I really wanted my Pro 5 to be perfect but this´problem is very annoying for me, I guess I will never buy a Meizu again. If someone has any other recommendations please let me know, thanks.


@soriano007 I have no issues with Twitter at all - so maybe try doing the firmware upgrade indeed.

If you are looking for a different, but also “exclusive” device you maybe want to take a look at Xiaomi, LeTV (LeEco), Vivo, Oppo or Smartisan. If you rather seek for something functional go with Huawei - these devices work.

@Rey I have the latest firmware update (, I already made a factory reset but nothing works, Twitter keeps crashing. And yes I guess I will try other brands, maybe Xiaomi, thanks.

i have also problem with twitter and some time the app stops working and i have to reinstall to make it work
i have latest firmware A

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