Reverting to stock Flyme from CM 12.1

Can somebody please help me with this? Gave CM a fair look and have to say… I’m not impressed. Flume is just better. Controversial stuff I know

So I’ve read somewhere all you need to do is flash stock ROM with the bootloader and boot.img files from the firmware used to unlock the bootloade but what I’m unsure about is whether or no they have to be from the exact firmware you used or if you can just extract the files from a freshly downloaded copy from here or the Flyme site

Ok man, what’s the problem ? If u want to flash a Flyme rom leaving CM12.1 rom, u have to re-set “DTB”. Restoring a nandroid backup will not work, as I said in CM12.1 topic of XDA ;) So, FULL WIPE AND THEN 2 ways :

  • flash DTB
  • flash Flyme rom

Then u can restore your old nandroid backup, ok? :P

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You just have to flash the update,zip and then and If you don’t want to lose your unlocked bootloader and custom recovery, both of the files can be found here
Those files have to be flashed every time you install a new ROM, If you don’t flash them your bootloader will be locked again and you will get the stock recovery as well

So we can do it on one way with TWRP and only restart after that

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@kakaouette I don’t understand what you are trying to say

@Asiier Thanks, man!Literally all I needed to do was flash those two things and the Didnt need to do anything like install any apps again other than the Google Installer app from Meizu. Even root is still present. Thanks again.

CM was a nice experiment but ultimately thats all it is. An experiment. Flyme is MUCH smoother and all-in-all a much better experience. Had high hopes for CM but alas it just wasnt what I hoped for.

@ShadowOfDeth I have to agree with you, even hating Flyme I believe as right it’s better that this port of CM12.1
But it would be another different story If it was CM13

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