Meizu Pro 5 curved edges screen protector
Meizu Pro 5

Where from can I buy a Meizu Pro 5 curved edges screen protector in Europe? I have a screen protector with no curved edges and a lot of dust gathers beneath the screen protector and phone curved edges.

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@xeon550 I have the same problem. My Pro5 is in a frame made by “Luphie”. So the gab between that frame and the protecting glass is almost 2mm and the level of the frame is a little bit higher. So no partikles can enter this “ring of white shaddow”.

But if someone finds a curved glass-protector : PLEASE send a link !!!

hello guys… i had the same problem also… looking for a curved edge screen protector… after some search i found this one . bought it… it fits nicely… later today when i will arrive at home i might make some photos and upload them in here for you to see how it fits… hope is what you search for…


Meizu Pro 5

@DanCo90 This is screen protector ordered from China, right? Waiting for pictures!

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Hllo guys… I guess it is coming from china… I live in Romania… It came in about a week… I ordered 2 of them… There are some pic with it… I let you decide if is ok or not… :)
0_1463427784601_IMG_20160516_223541.jpg 0_1463427798150_IMG_20160516_223348.jpg 0_1463427851326_IMG_20160516_223242.jpg 0_1463427877794_IMG_20160516_223136.jpg 0_1463427897548_IMG_20160516_223116.jpg 0_1463427914665_IMG_20160516_223053.jpg 0_1463427925878_IMG_20160516_223101.jpg 0_1463427940311_IMG_20160516_223210.jpg

This does not look nice! This IS nice!
I yust ordered one and are now waiting every minute …

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