Android wear on Meizu pro 5

I’m having a problem connecting my moto 360 1st Generation with my Pro 5 since I’ve upgraded to Flyme

I’ve already factory reset my watch and reinstall the android wear app. The first day it was ok. But then even if it’s written “connected” in the android wear app, I can’t receive the notifications on my watch…
Is this a problem with this version of flyme? Cause when I was on 5.1.3G I didn’t have this kind of problem.


By the way I already reinstalled flyme with clear data and it still doesn’t work…

@Romain_blcd I’m not sure what could be the problem with the information you have provided
My thoughts are as follow:
The G version have Google Play services etc preinstalled and the A version doesn’t so when install them are no longer system apps and that might mess up somethings but I’m not sure If that’s the case
I’d recommend you to install since it have been resealed and If the problem persist we will know that is something about the firmware and not the software

@Asiier ok I’ll try flashing back to global version. Are you sure there is no problem jumping from A version to G?

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