need someone with latest G firmware

need some info from someone who have MX4 Pro latest stable or test G(I) version firmware…

all i need that you set your camera on highest equality and make a simple picture… then make a screenshot of properties of that picture… and post it here.

im interested to see resolution and size of that picture…

thank you.

Firmware version 4.5.7i
There you go ;)

In Flyme 5 the jpeg quality is set to 90 in the meizu camera app, “same” photo in meizu camera and open camera with jpeg quality at 90 same size, 2,50mb, same photo in open camera with jpeg quality at 100, 9,52mb.

So, can we somehow change the jpeg quality to 100?


@akvaro that is interesting… where you can check this out?

@Latstyle i can´t check where is the quality settings in meizu camera, but if you take a photo in meizu camera and take the “same” photo with other camera software at 90 jpeg quality you will see that the two photos have the “same” size in megas.


@akvaro maybe you can recommend any camera app then? ty

@Latstyle, i have open camera and a better camera, open camera is free and a better camera is free at meizu AppCenter :wink:

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