Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)

Firmware Highlights

  • New music search the entire network, a clean sweep of all songs.
  • New USB installation management, to prevent the computer automatically install applications.


  • Search the entire network: new network-wide search, search listen all songs.
  • Lyrics Status Bar: The status bar add lyrics display and switch.
  • Lock screen music: Add music lock screen switch.
  • Set a ringtone: set directly support local music being played as ringtones.
  • Optimization: an increase in the notification bar and music collection buttons, supports pinch to adjust the size of the playback controls.
  • The default font color adjustment vinyl cover when the player interface: The Optimization.
  • Optimization: Full Scan default filter out the audio file.
  • Optimization: song identification to enter the default start after recognition.
  • Optimization: a collection of single song audition single recommendation to increase the number of display.

Mobile butler

  • USB Installation Management: Rights Management add “USB Installation Management”, to prevent the connection after the computer automatically install applications.
  • Fix: Traffic Management Plug-sized display abnormal.
  • FIX: Click access rights management from the start, the phone will be black housekeeper unresponsive.
  • Optimization: Optimization of standby power management logic judgment.


  • Power display: add “read screen displays the time and power” switch.
  • Page settings: increase in full-screen page settings, touch the left side of the page Support to previous page.
  • Integral Center: tasking capabilities increase, the central access points.
  • Optimization: search results page, click the Back button to return to the original search page.
  • Optimization: Update Settings visual interface.

App Store

  • Welfare: new users welfare centers, all kinds of promotions clean sweep.

Desktop Cloud Backup

  • New: Desktop Cloud Backup supports long press delete backup records.


  • Optimization: Optimize camera processes, improve speed camera.
  • Optimization: The flash is changed to off by default, without memory.
  • Fix: Now click on the shutter can not even take pictures.

Set up

  • FIX: The local music on the SD card is set as ringtones, restart the phone, ringtones will become the default ringtone.
  • Fixed: audio system interface to adjust the volume and the volume within the interface is inconsistent.
  • Fix: Other accounts, after adding the account does not support return to the Add Account screen and the interface is not responding.


  • Optimization: unread box, starred messages and sent to the Permanent sidebar, click to load more.
  • Optimization: Adjust the bottom bar interface.
  • FIX: Search for messages after the pop-up keyboard to keep the state slide switch Tab will Caton.

Lock screen

  • FIX: After unplug the charging cable, charging icon does not disappear.
  • Fix: setting is turned “lock screen can pull down the notification bar” lock screen notification bar still not be recalled.

Notification bar

  • Fixed: notification bar and multi-task management page with the weather or the camera is switched Caton.

Voice assistant

  • FIX: When headphones listening to music using voice dialing assistant, music does not pause.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Meizu m2 note

For anyone testing this, tell me if by chance, all notifications are working correctly.

Thanks in advance.

the best update for now…
the camera is super fast and video recorder in the night is so smooth and fast

Anything workout for heating issue over wifi/data…
Can default keyboard support gesture typing??

@Hellenicsun said in Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note):

For anyone testing this, tell me if by chance, all notifications are working correctly.

Thanks in advance.

All notifications are working. Well from first beta for me, I didn’t have any problems.

Go to security
Peremissions> auto launched apps and turn on what you need
Power > Standby managment
Turn on everything you need whatsapp, viber, email, facebook, google play services.

At the end, lock apps that you need to be in background.

Restart the phone and thats it :)

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Hello boys and girls , I have EU version of M2 note . Can i istall this Beta normaly at my M2 note EU version? ATM i have G beta installed.

@restyle20 said in Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note):

Hello boys and girls , I have EU version of M2 note . Can i istall this Beta normaly at my M2 note EU version? ATM i have G beta installed.

i would also want to know that

@Hellenicsun I think It’s same as last beta.
My pebble watch has disconnected often.
Security center kills pebble app.
I disabled security center this time too. Then the connection is stable.

I am having Overheating issues on the headset area for last 2 updates.
Please can anyone help me on why this is happening.
It used to be the coolest phone ive used till date , even i don’t play games just causal 3g/wifi browsing.

The battery seems to be draining slowly where im getting 3hrs screen ontime, before my handset gave me 4.5+ hrs screen ontime…

@Bosse-Bus I also had G version of Flyme sistem, and now I have Flume 5 stable A version.
You can change version of sistem when ever you want. :)

How can I show, switch and close runing apps?
is there some special gesture for that ? seems gone in this version for me.

@slimypi, yes just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you will see what you are looking for.


@Rada0604 false. You may only change between G(I) and A firmwares, if you own an international device.

@tahsinahmed reinstall with clear data.

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Nvm managed to fix google services by adding multiple accounts

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