Snapchat problem...

I got my meizu mx3 today and so far its amazing…

Ive run into some problems such as facebook messenger not working fully… well it doest bother me that much… but snapchat on the other hand…
When I record a video it says cant play thia video and I am keft with a black picture… pls verify if it works for you

Meizu mx3 china version
Flyme 3.8a


I’m afraid these things only don’t work because of the Alpha-state/test firmware (3.8A), with which you really can’t expect a stable experience at all, even though they seem to work pretty nicely!

But for me, with 3.7.5A, I’ve always had snapchat 100% working. I had the exact same problem with snapchat though with an earlier Alpha release, but it was fixed with this one. Also, in FB Messenger I can only send text messages, but nothing else, no pictures,video,emoji… nothing. If this is your bug too, I’m afraid this bug is caused by the test fw - and yeah that doesn’t bother me at all either.

I suggest you wait untill tomorrow (Tuesday = test firmware day!), or if you desperately need to send some snaps, try the 3.7.5 firmware! (They made some camera fixes with this one, that’s why I use it and I think it might solve the case for you aswell…)

Also, my Snapchat version is

wow exactly the same problems as me!
I will wait until new fw if that dosnt work ill downgrade… thanks so much I thought it was my device that was faulty.
Please keep in touch with me as I need someone like you who can help me out with this :)


Oh, I knew I wasn’t alone with the issues. Highfive mate! :D Hey, I’m a moderator, I’ll be here doing my best to help you :)

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Meizu m3 note

guys you can install from app store GOOGLE SERVICE what you need to do it simple you need to search guga and install the first one then just setup and you got all google service you need :D

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