Ubuntu on meizu pro 5

Can we install ubuntu on our meizu pro 5 ?


@demstav There is one topic where a guy bricked his phone.
I put the link here so that people don’t do stupid things.
Link: https://forum.meizufans.eu/topic/5335/bricked-pro-5

Give it time ~half a year or so and somebody will create a dual boot. Better wait for someone to do it.

4.read this 3 articles about ubuntu touch

Then download the ROM you need. Meizu pro 5 is named turbo.
Wipe all data include internal storage.
Install kernel-ub.zip (includes boot.img, dtb, logo.bin, ldfw) which I packaged here.
CAUTION: You need to change the 4 files to which provide by the device*.tar.xz you had download, boot.img, dtb and logo.bin are in partitions folder, ldfw is in blobs. DO NOT FLASH bootloader and recovery!
Mount system.
Use terminal in TWRP:
cd /
tar -vxf /external_sd/ubuntu*.tar.xz
tar -vxf /external_sd/device*.tar.xz
tar -vxf /external_sd/custom*.tar.xz
tar -vxf /external_sd/version*.tar.xz
Reboot to system.
It may not get OTA updates without a recovery provide by Ubuntu edition.

Thanks for the nice info @zhouruixi.

Now have a lot to read.

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