New headphones from Meizu and other interesting stuff

Well quite less information on Meizu products here.

After looking around at some store sites i did notice new accessories from Meizu.

There seems to be a bluetooth Sports in ear Headphones ( EP-51 ) that look quite interesting.

Then there is the Meizu EP 31 and 31s in ears ( well the price for the 31s is way to high you better go with the HD50 then )
The HD50 comes now in 3 colors black, white and red.

Meizu also sells RGB LED bulbs called Meizu x light plus and Meizu X light youth. Booth are bluetooth/ app controlled.
The Meizu X light plus has 600 Lumen while the youth version has 500Lumen.

Meizu also has some powerbanks and a router ( mini pro ) for sale.


@MeizuAndi I wrote about them as they go released around the time the Pro 6 was going to be released.
But yeah, it is true that I do not put my focus on them.

I can only say the HD50 and EP51 from Meizu are bang for the buck and well worth the money.

I bought em from Gearbest, they have often pretty good prices with flash sales.

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