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Hi all,

I lost all my data, and want my pictures back (not from SD card). I tryed Wondershare Dr. Fone, Jihosoft and Mac Fonelab but still not a succes because it asked me to root, and i did this with opening the “system privileges” at the flyme page. What can i do about it? A help would be cool.


@BT66 how about connecting the device over USB to your PC?

Also, how did you lost your data? Did you wiped the device with “Clear data” or did you wiped it from the Settings (factory reset)?

The battery didnt charge anymore, it was always red and stucked at the flyme bootscreen. I tryed another cable but the problem still exist. So the did the factory reset (power button + up sound volume) and it worked again, so everything is gone without filling the “clear data…” any way the program’s are for the pc. And tells me to root the device, and the root checker says is YES. Is there a solution for this? Because i am close if its connects…


@BT66 the device should have a plug and play driver. If you still cannot get it working (not even on a different PC) I would recommend you to setup an FTP server on your phone. Simply search the Play Store for it, there are plenty of apps who will do the job, without requesting for root permissions.

I lost everything on the phone, so there is nothing left. How can i know about the plug and play driver? FTP server on a meizu will get my data back? What do i need to search at play store because i already tried some apps for restoring, and all i get is new pictures. I hope you can me help me out with this.

So the softwares like restoring your data is useless? It only ask me to root privilege and my device is already rooted/permission to privilege. Why is this?


@BT66 to be honest the chance that something will be recovered is way to small and I really do not believe that it will work with amateurish tools provided by the Play Store. Real use, requires real software developement, which most apps are lacking.

If you have problems with the root permissions try installing SuperSU from Chainfire and install the binaries over the app.

Well, i tried… Thanks anyway!

@BT66, for data recovery on Android device, there needs us to root phone or tablet firstly! Or, we have no privilege for further operation on data restore. I hate the root steps and worry about security as you did. Well, no way, I have to recover my lost contacts and photos after factory set for my Samsung S6! I used Leadersoft Android Recovery Maser as my data saver easily!

Well if you are not able to complete the recovery process for getting back lost data from android devices on Mac then you can also try Android Data Recovery For Mac. This tool will allow you get back lost data from android devices on Mac without any hassle. For more information, please visit:

In order to recover data from internal memory, you have to root your phone first. All the recovery tools will ask you to root process. The photos can be recovered unless they have been overwritten.

Thanks to help myself.

Few apps can restore internal photos and videos as I know.

@BT66 meizu is Android system, you can use recovery tool to recover your files

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