What you must know about Meizu.
What you must know about Meizu

A good amount of new comers to Meizu especially from Italy, think that I hate Meizu. To start of simple, I don’t hate it, I just know too much about Meizu. I am a hardcore Meizu fan, that talked with a good amount of global Meizu employees and spend months in the global FlymeOS customer support, as volunteer on Meizufans. Yep, that’s right, Meizufans used to be the only global customer support for Meizu fans. Right now it’s not the only, but the best by the means of offering the most amount of knowledge, and best possible advice. So let’s start and introduce how a full argument should look like.

A full argument
To keep this professional I am going to use full arguments. Everything here will be written as a full argument. A full argument consists of

  • Statement
  • Proof
  • Example
  • Conclusions

Before we start
What are global phones:
Global phones are 100% Chinese phones in terms of hardware.

What is the global firmware:
99.99% the Chinese firmware, but some languages added and important FlymeOS apps removed. The Chinese content is only hidden not removed, and still communicates with Chinese Servers over the Internet.

Must read:
It’s simple and short, perfect to give you a short overview of the problems covered in this long article.
Must read this: http://blog.getresponse.com/12-mistakes-scare-customers-away-undo.html

Statement 1: The Meizu team is not interested in helping global customers.
In India:
Let’s start with who is the global customer support team. In India it’s a young team with very limited recourses and no previous experience concerning Meizu.

Global FlymeOS forum:
A young team with limited resources, that has never used the global firmware and is located in China. Neither uses the global firmware nor global applications is in charge of the global customer support.

In Europe:
All is handled by 3rd party. Meizu never left China. In Europe Meizu set up contracts with Chinese-Resellers to sell and support devices. These re-sellers sell Chinese phones in general, they don’t live from selling Meizu phones. There main motivation is not in selling Meizu phones. The experience and thereby level of expertise with Meizu devices is limited.

This means:
The support structure is set up so that inexperience people with a lack of qualification handle the support in India and on the Global FlymeOS forum. And in Italy, they would have the knowledge, but there a lack of motivation as it’s just a Chinese Re-seller.

For India:
The forum was run by a 15 year old child and a in general very young team, none of them ever used a Meizu phone before. Results are shocking, have a look here: http://inforum.meizu.com/

For Europe, let’s take Italy:
I wrote an Email last year and asked for support for a M578H (Meizu M2 mini International). Be aware that all global / international devices end in the letter H.
I told the support that I have this phone, and was asked if it’s a global device. So that means, the support had no clue what they were selling. The story went on, I requested a international firmware for the device and over the course of 15 Emails only my time was wasted but nothing more. (We will talk about wasting the customers time later.)

For the global FlymeOS forum:
An administrator with the nick name MZSimon was in charge of responding. He did the typical Chinese things “not giving a fuck” and responded to all questions and customers requests without actually reading the topic. The result should be obvious. (You can’t answer without knowing the question.) Yes this really happened over the course of months. And may still continue.

Meizu has limited recources, little money in General and by trying to keep it cheap that quality of service falls behind.
Let’s be honest, Meizu makes great phones, great hardware and all that amazingly cheap. Nothing is perfect, and to offer great hardware for a cheap price the customer support falls behind.

Statement 2: Wasting the customers time.
This is simple and easy to prove. Write an Email to Meizu and ask help. Or post in an official forum, your time will be wasted.

Have a look here: http://inforum.meizu.com/thread-628-1-1.html
The story: Meizu removed the FlymeOS account from the global / international / India firmware, and by this gave customers the possibility to fully brick their devices by forgetting the pin-code. Such things happen fast and may happen to anyone!
In the linked topic a guy asked for help, his time on the forum got wasted, he did not receive help. In the end he had to sent in the phone from India to China in order to get it repaired. In the beginning it wasn’t sure who will pay the repair costs.
And a lot of time was wasted, the customer had to be without the device and read useless responses written by the official Meizu support centers and official Meizu forum staff.

–> You gotta ask many different Meizu employees to get any kind of information.
As said before, the customer support is not interested in helping. The next step is wasting your time. Like Email’s with simple requests take much longer, as the official support is either not motivated or unable to help. Repair times in India are more complicated than they have to be. If you need a screen replacement the phone goes to China, and nobody can tell you how much it will cost.

Getting help from Meizu is going to be a pain in the ass, if you want help from official Meizu employees.

Statement 3: Support team knows less than you do.
It’s a bit repetitive, so I will start to summarize what’s written before.
In India the team is young and has no background, no knowledge to support.
In China (FlymeOS forum), Chinese people use the phone and do not use the global firmware and do not use global apps. In general have no idea about global customers and global habits.
In Europe: All is run by Chinese-ReSellers that lack the time and motivation to focus entirely on Meizu. (Meizu does not pay well enough, and does not sell good enough to act as a single source of income for re-sellers.)

In India one woman asked (it’s online and documented, true story) for help. She had a Chinese firmware on her phone. The support replied: "Your global phone is not optimized for the Chinese firmware."
Since there is no global phone and no global firmware (it’s all Chinese), this translates to “FlymeOS is not optimized for Meizu phones.” (What’s stupid.)
Or same said different: A lack of knowledge is covered with a good amount of creativity¨.

The global Meizu staff is not qualified or not motivated enough to provide proper customer support.

Statement 4: Breaking Promises
Proof & Example
Statements by official Meizu employees are made but not held. E.g. release times are announced and communicated to the fan base, but not held. Firmware releases are postponed and postponed.
The global servers for the global customers (Flyme Account, Themes Center, OTA updates, …) were promised to be up running soon after October 2015. Last date was April 2016, yet there is nothing.
(In this case proof and example are the same.)

Meizu is too used to the Chinese market, where companies can lie as much as they want and scam as much as they like. (Yes it’s really like that.)
Meizu is not aware that global customers live in a different environment. If global customers get a promise, they expect it to be keep the promise.

Statement 5: Selective feedback; Censorship.
Negative feedback gets hidden, censored or denied. We aren’t stupid, we know very well that nothing is perfect. So why lie about this?
Nobody and nothing is perfect, there is no need to censor or hide bad reviews and bad feedback.

Proof & Example
China roles different, censorship is daily practice. As we learned before Meizu never left China.
I am going to use the global FlymeOS forum for this point. Topics get censored like a popular topic that requested the boot-loader to be unlocked. Meizu did not like it and so censored it!
When I was active a Top 10 topics were published at the end of the months. These topics were not top 10 by the means of being most popular. It was 10 handpicked topics by Meizu that only included positive feedback and advertised Meizu.

Meizu employees are Chinese, they may not be aware of their doing. They grew up in a system full of censorship. And keep on living it on the global market.

Statement 6: No value on global FlymeOS forum
If you want content you go to Meizufans. If you want entertainment you choose official Meizu pages. I wrote about it before, global Meizu employees lack the motivation and knowledge to contribute with valuable content. Valuable content is written by fans, and those are mostly on meizufans.eu

Most topics on the global forums are about advertising products e.g. the 99% useless 3D touch.

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This is a quote

@hjmalves wrote this:
I am 45 years old and I love new technologies. I have a company related to IT andDesign.

When smartphones started appearing I immediately loved the idea and never stopped using them.
After starting with some early brands I ended up with Samsung and until now was my brand of election. Galaxy Note 4 was my last phone.

I started reading about China phones, and after some reading and despite seeing in some forums that Meizu had good pieces of hardware but regarding software and mainly relationship with customer they were bad, I decided to give it a go and bought the Meizu PRO5.
I have to say that in terms of building, feeling and features I was positively surprised.Indeed a good piece of hardware – the worst is camera in low light conditions,rest is well with the best.

But then little by little I started realizing that everything people complained about Meizu was sadly true.
I can’t say that Flyme is bad but it lacks professionalism. It’s very amateur in terms of finish.
Good ideas but only that. Bad implementation, lots of bugs. Each firmware corrects somebugs but introduces new ones. What Meizu is good in hardware is as bad in software.

How is it possible that a company that wants to go global has the worst implementation of languages I have ever seen?
I am from Portugal and I have only Portuguese(Brasil), but as many apps depend on country code I can’thave Portuguese(Portugal) local settings so only apps that have the option to select country will work well.

How is it possible people posting in forum about a problem or a doubt and after weeks there isn’t a single moderator that answers?

How is it possible that other brands have already phones with 2 years old or more updated with Android 6 and Meizu is correcting bugs in Android 5.1?

You can have good phones but believe me that if you don’t listen to consumer you will end as fast as you appeared.

In my country we use to say that best publicity is mouth to mouth. It’s what builds a brand.
My friend sees my phone, like the looks and features, I say good things about it and he buys it too. And the wave grows.

After all I see I am not and will not recommend Meizu to any of my friends. I can say to you that you already lost at least 3 customers that did not buy because I recommended them not to buy. You lost me as a customer too because despite I like the phone I will not use a phone that has the worst support I have ever seen.

If you intend to go outside China market you will be nothing more than a brand that tried and failed hard… you have no chance to go to European or American markets with this kind of behavior.
Just put some of your employees searching European forums about Meizu and you will see in all the same thing: Meizu simply doesnt care with what customer says and what customer wants.

This idea is spreading and is spreading because its what you deserve and what you are showing… YOU DON’T CARE.
So sadly what could be an excellent phone turns just average… and with the offer we have there is no place for average, they come and go every day. Only the strong endure.

So Meizu I could end saying I wish you all the luck but, honestly I don’t. A company that has the ability to make such good piece of hardware and then blows it with horrible perception of what customer wants in terms of software doesn’t deserve luck…

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Really well made, I couldn’t agree more with you
Moreover, this has discovered me some things I didn’t know about Meizu


Haha! You gotta love Meizu!
I posted the same topic on the global forum.

It took 5 minutes to be censored! New record.

I did not get banned for the topic but my account was transformed to a ReadOnly.
Censorship at it’s finest.

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There must be a contagion to official italian forum, because censorship policy is applied overthere too:

  • you can’t discuss about chinese firmware;
  • you can’t discuss about chinese/international models bought in other shop (even Amazon);
    … in other hand you have to be happy with Meizu official reseller.
    And they continued to affirm that chinese and global firmware are different and developed and build by separeted teams.

@maxant69 (I write this for other readers, not directly you.)

And they continued to affirm that chinese and global firmware are different and developed and build by separeted teams.

This is not the case. This is a lie. I was in the global beta team and we requested (the team) to talk with the global developers.
Response by Meizu: FlymeOS developers do not speak English.

There is no global software team. it’s all Chinese. All they do is fix bugs in the Chinese firmware; remove FlymeOS apps; add languages and call it Global firmware.

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@Ultrametric said in What you must know about Meizu.:

This is not the case. This is a lie. I was in the global beta team and we requested (the team) to talk with the global developers.
Response by Meizu: FlymeOS developers do not speak English.

There is no global software team. it’s all Chinese. All they do is fix bugs in the Chinese firmware; remove FlymeOS apps; add languages and call it Global firmware.

You confermed what I supposed!

Great topic for meizu beginners!
I kinds of like some of their apps like gallery (for it’s filters and beauty mod that can make your mom some years younger in a few minutes), message app seems to be a complete app and dialer which reminds me htc dialer app.


well… good topic… nothing new for me (except for hard censorship on official forums, didnt expect it was to heavy) but yeah… if my Meizu will die… i have no idea what device i want as a replacement sadly as it wont be Pro 6 fail for sure…

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Update, the second post is now a quote of a very informative letter. @hjmalves Thanks for writing and sharing it.

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Some thoughts from a lowly user. I also have a degree of dissatisfaction with Meizu. Not so much in terms of hardware but software. Why on earth would you customize Android, a ready made OS, so much that it takes you ages to update your skin? I want Android 6 and as of speaking I am still waiting for it. I see so many Asian phone manufacturers falling into skin hell. I like Flyme, but I would also like a stock Android experience. And I would prefer that if I can get faster security updates and new Android features.

There is just to much competition and people generally throw brand loyalty out of the window pretty quick when your pal is running the latest, shiniest version of Google’s OS vs your’s.

Now to the hardware side. Meizu is pretty good here but the fact that you cant replace your battery means your phone will die when its battery ran its course. I know there are a current trend to offer non-removable batteries in most brands nowadays. That pains me though and when Project Ara gets a market release I would jump ship and never look back. I am looking forward to my module phone.

Until then I will keep shopping around and recommending phones to my friends and family with the best combination of fast software updates and good hardware.

I am actually just considering programming my own ROM for my MX4 pro, I am getting so sick of the shoddy updates that I may as well do it myself. Going to use stock android as a base and try to understand the hardware ‘optimizations’ from flyme Because it really is the updates that suck; if I can’t work out how to do the rom I’m just going to sell the phone and get a nexus device instead - going from one extreme of updates to another (slow to fast).


@Andrew-Calder Try to contact the maker of Omi ROM @Tatsuyuki-Ishi he stopped some months back and was looking for somebody to take over his project.

He stopped because going from Android 5 to Android 6 was a big challenge, I guess. (Dunno exactly.)


@Ultrametric the problem for Tatsuyuki was that Meizu did not provided any driver source for the MX4 Pro, leaving the fingerprint scanner without function. Tatsuyuki therefore had to backport (reverse engineering) the drivers on his own - which is some serious work.

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