meizu mx4 pro : your personal recommended rom

Hallo mx4 pro user,
Im kindda disapointed with flyme os, when im in 4.5.7i i had battery drain just for 6 hour in normal use (only chatting and little calling) now im in beta and it has worst battery draining, although i have clear data and repeat factory reset many time but still.
Since meizu wont open bootloader to developer to make custom rom, now i want to ask all meizu mx4 pro user, what is your personal recommended os for best battery life? Cause now im kindda losing hope for meizu mx4 pro, despite it has good hardware but its OS is very disapointed.

Warm regards


@purnayudha actually there is a custom rom - OmniROM.
However, it is not that stable as there are no sources.

About the “best” OS.
Flyme just sucks, but I still think Flyme 4 firmwares will work best for your device.

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