Images not loading in Meizu Theme Store

Hello guys, when I bought the phone (Meizu Mx4 pro) I could download and apply free themes from the Meizu Theme Store with no complications, a few days ago I tried to download a theme but the images didn’t load, I still could download and apply a free theme and then the images would show up locally but they never showed again in the Store. I tried updating to latest stable Flyme version ( but still the same problem. Everything else seems to be working fine.

I also tried deleting the cache at /Android/data/com.meizu.customize and changing my time zone to China’s but still not working.

I’ve tried googling but it seems noone else is having this problem… weird

Thanks in advance!!


@Akupro thats not how you delete the cache of an application.

Go to the Settings and search the Theme Center there.
It should show you an option to clear its data and cache.

@Rey I did as you said but still not loading, it’s not like I can’t live without themes since I’m using a different launcher than default and also got some custom icons I downloaded from the Play Store but things not working properly always bugs me :S


@Akupro well, then it is most likely your connection. Unfortunately the great firewall of china slows down the connection enourmously.

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