Facebook messenger notifications not working in stand-by mode
Meizu Pro 5

Hi, I have a Pro 5, Chinese version, 32 GB, Flyme Facebook messenger notifications are not working when phone is in stand-by mode, internet connection on and fb mess is on. If fb mess is on then I receive notifications in stand-by mode. I have tried everything on this forum but it does not work. Did I miss something? I am asking this because I know notifications work when fb mess is off on other smartphones.

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@xeon550 Follow this guide
If that doesn’t work, follow this other guide

Meizu Pro 5


I followed the steps in first guide + switched to performance mode and it works perfectly! Thank you!

@xeon550 No problem :)

after update to Flyme had the same problem
found solution in 4pda.ru:
Security>Power>Gear icon>turn off "Disable linked launch"
can try if it helps (solved my WhatsApp, FB messenger and other notification problems)

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@makatanav I don’t understand how that could works
I mean, what you are doing is block other applications and the app itself to be started or start other apps, so it’s weird that it works
If it does works, then the problem is related to Google Play Services, since is the only app that starts WhatsApp and FB or that Whatsapp and FB start for gathering information

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