"Too many notifications?" notification annoys me

Hi guys,

I’m searched through the forums and didn’t found anything, so I’m sorry if I have missed this topic.

I installed the international version ROM for my Chinese model Meizu Pro 5 for more than a month now. Firmware was downloaded from official flymeos.com. It is with Android 5.1. It always notify me with “Too many notifications?” to configure which app is allow to notify and it’s really annoying.

alt text

Do anyone have a solution for this?

Thanks and sorry for my English.


Maybe try freezing the Security Center or click the notification and see if it offers an option to disable it.

@Rey I’ve tried to get into the security center but it didn’t seems to have the option to disable. Anyway I think freezing the security center is the great idea and I will try it, thanks.

The same with the notification “SD card found” after start… senseless…

Reinstall system. It helped for my friend :)

@Tymcio Thanks. BTW, you mean I have to reinstall everything from a scratch not just do hard reset the phone, right?

Put update.zip with your current system to memory, click on it and install again if won’t help, install with “clear user data”.

Thanks, will try that 😊

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