Meizu m2 Note: INVALID IMEI

Does anyone knows how to fix this?
Thanks in advance.


In general: I CAN*T SEE! Now explain me why?

If you have a hard time to explain to us why I can’t see, based on the very little information, I provided.
Welcome in the club! (You provided too little information, so giving you tips is not possible.)

If you want fast and useful help. Then put in some effort! Describe the problem and post in the right section.

By doing this you allow people to help you, it’s all in your interest…

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In case you got under Settings–>About phone Imei Null

Then probably the /nvram folder got corrupted (nvram is where imei baseband are stored )

Set manually your Imei back

Open your dialer and dial *#*#3646633#*#*

  • (That should open Enegineering Mode MTK )

Now go Connectivity–> CDS information–> Radio information

Phone 1
At “AT+” type in:

AT +EGMR=1,7,"your_IMEI"

Click on “SEND AT” button below

For the secondary SIM tap Phone 2 and type this command

AT +EGMR=1,10,”your_IMEI”

Click on “SEND AT COMMAND” button below a second time
Reboot phone

In case your Engineering Mode doesn’t show a CDS Information option get the engnering mode apk form an older rom or Flash an older rom, and follow the steps.

What actually happened to me was

I messed up **/nvdata** partition (nvdata contains IMIEI, Baseband, WiFi and Bluetooth mac addresses)

This is something that usually doesn’t happen.

With a corrupted /nvadat partition your smartphone may lose it’s IMEI , baseband both (Wifi, Bluethoot mac address), causing your smarphne to not recognize your sim.

There are many possible scenarios, mine was:

  • Imei: null
  • BaseBand: unknown

What i did was delete the /nvdata folder after a few seconds all started working again

i don’t even have CDS Information

When your phone is in normal state with everything functioning install Root explorer and navigate to the below location >ROOT>DATA>NVRAM>MD>NVRAM>NVD_IMEI>MP0B_001
Select it and edit and delete any data there and paste new imei and save it . That’s it it works without reboot also

It worked for me

didn’t work For me and it’s will not work because it’s doesn’t exist

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