Is the Meizu Pro 5 still worth buying???

Hiya all,

I’ve suffered a Nokia Lumia 630 for the last two years and, now that my contract is about to run out, I want to move onto newer better things. I was looking online and I found the Meizu Pro 5 and it looks amazing. Now I’ve read reviews of the Meizu Pro 5 and they all say good things, but the reviews never comment on the long term feel of the phone like whether this phone is durable enough to last me a couple of years, if the famed performance drops after a few months and if this phone is likely to be supported by Flyme OS for the next few years. Also I was wondering if its still financially viable since its still around the £320 ($460) for the 64GB model or £290 ($420) for the 32GB model, even though the Samsung (dare I mention their name) S6 is £300 ($430) and many other Chinese phones pending release for similar or more competitive pricing.

Thanks for helping me out


(I’m pretty new to the forums so if I’ve put this in the wrong place or if its inappropriate for some reason, please let me know.)

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I don’t where did you get those prices because it shouldn’t be that expensive? I got the 64Gb version for 420€ +3 months ago
But anyways, for your requirements, I’d recommend you Nexus 6P
Although the PRO 5 it would a great option too

@Asiier The cheapest I’ve seen the Meizu Pro 5 64Gb is around £330 on ebay. Every other reseller I’ve seen is charging around £350, so unless you know where I’d find a cheaper version that would be great. Nexus 6P is a dream phone, but as I’m only 17 I can’t really afford the £350 - £450 ( $505 - $650) price tag. I’m really just waiting for the Pro 6 to come out so the Pro 5 will drop under the £300 ($430) mark.
What I really like about the Meizu Pro 5 is -

  • Good battery - Or just enough to last 1 or two days.
  • Huge and beautiful-looking screen - despite having tiny hands, a bigger screen is a must have.
  • Decent camera - How can a smartphone camera perform this well?
  • Really good for music - Hi-Fi enabled and is famed for its “solo circuit amp” (whatever that means) but many people on this forum have said the MX4 Pro sounds a lot better in comparison.
  • Decent price for the package really - Baring in mind how expensive flagship phones are in the UK, you get a lot for what you pay for.

Though the specs are really good too, I’m not really a smartphone gamer so it’s more for bragging rights really.

However, as I’m buying from (in my eyes) an unknown Chinese OEM, I’m worried about the quality of the phone and whether the phone will receive security updates and marshmellow (and whatever comes after that) in the near future.


@Roberto depends upon the price.

The LeTv Max with the SD 82o and better specs than the Pro 5 costs 480$ with express shipping and tax.
~450$ with snail mail and tax avoiding.

But if you can get the Pro 5 for 350$ it’s still a good bargain.

Don’t consider to spend more money though! SD 82o phones with 4 cores and nice battery life are rolling out now

@Ultrametric I have looked into the LeEco Le Max 2 and it does look like a decent phone and I am still considering it. Its just that I got a decent pair of headphones for my birthday and a lack of 3.5mm jack is slightly offputting and I’m not sure how well a usb-c performs as a replacement. Also people don’t say many good things about EUI, quite the contrast to other OS such as MIUI and Flyme.

Sorry if I’m sounding quite picky, but £300 is a lot of money to me especially when I earn about £3.30 an hour (yes that is below minimum wage -_-).


@Roberto eui and FlymeOs should be equal.

And yeah that no headphone jack on the LeTv is a no brainier :( I wish they didn’t do it.

Take your time look at all options.

A plus for the Pro 5 is that it got a CM 12 port.

But don’t expect too much from the Pro 5 Hifi, there is a topic called V4a ( viper 4 Android ) or so find it and read it all.
I can’t give you the link, I’m at the cabin with only my phone.

@Ultrametric Thanks for the advice, its really appreciated.

Yeah I’m considering all sorts of phones, though if you short list they all end up being Meizu, Xiaomi, LeEco and Oneplus (because OEM phones look amazing :D).

I didn’t know there are many developers for the pro 5, never-mind custom ROMs, so that’s always great to hear.

Have you ever had the Pro 5 or experience with a Meizu phone? Do you think one would last or is it like Elephone phone’s when the phone breaks within the hour you take it out of its packaging xD ??


@Roberto I didn’t have a Pro 5 no.
I was between the Pro 5 and the Mi5 and decided for the later. ( SD820 + 5 inch is it for me.)

I had a Mx4 Pro, hands (often) on two m1 note asy little brothers got em. And before this phone a Mx5.

The build quality of Meizu is really great, for what you pay you get great stuff only looking at specs and build quality.

The bezels are as thin as it can be, ever since the release of the Mx4 Pro.

So what’s the bad; the customer support of Meizu and the software department, especially the global department sucks.

You will always get updates and it’s very likely that the Pro 6 gets a flyme based on Android 6.

But Meizu makes most money in China and so focuses on China. ( if you find a bug in the global firmware prepare to keep it.)
Don’t expect a lot of help from Meizu. ( anyway you got this forum, so that’s fine.

To FlymeOS: it takes some time to get used do it, but once you do it’s great pretty nice.

I was in the global beta team and tested it well, trust me in this. FlymeOS is nice once you get used do it. I wish bigs get faster fixed, but nothing isperfect.

For the right price the Pro 5 is fully worth it.

Quote the active guys in the Viber4Android topic.

And ask more questions to the guy in this topic, he knows best for sure.

They will tell you more about the Pro 5

@Ultrametric Cheers. Chances are if I don’t like Flyme, I might just defect to CM12 if it turns out there is more support for that OS.

I’ll just be patient and wait till the Pro 5 falls to the right price or get a newer/better phone for a price around £250-£300 ($360-$430)

@Roberto In that case, the PRO 5 is your phone, although I’m still thinking on another phone that you may like, Huawei Mate 8
But speaking of the PRO 5, I bought it in china so I’m guessing that the version that you can find in Europe are only the Global version which is more expensive
All the things you have said are right but as @Ultrametric said the music topic is not a good aspect of the phone
And you must not worry about the quality of the phone nor the updates, even being Meizu who we are talking about, the updates will come later or sooner

If music playback quality is your main buying point (as it was mine) then you should consider Lenovo Vibe X3

I chose Meizu pro 5 over Lenovo Vibe X3 due to better CPU and larger/amoled screen. Now I regret.
Unfortunately I can not find any decent audio playback quality compassion between Pro 5 and Vibe X 3.

Android wise Lenovo look like it has more software problems than Meizu. If you visit Lenovo forum than you will see for yourself


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@Asiier Pfffff I wish it was the global version, but that’s like £450 ($650) on Huawei Mate 8 is also £450, I swear phones are cheaper in the US.

I’m relativity patient so, as long as there isn’t any major OS flaws, I’m fine waiting a couple of months for a good, stable global ROM. Also chances are if I was to get this phone, the global ROM would be released by the time I get it.

@staljin Music quality is pretty important to me, so thanks for recommending that phone. Its just a shame that I can’t seem to find it online anywhere (apart from and I really do not want to buy from that site xD ).

Who knew it was so expensive and such a hassle to get a decent phone in the UK, but isn’t in the Americas and other European countries??

Edit -----------------

I’m no real audiofile, but if I could find a phone that sounds better than my IPod Touch 4 that would probably be amazing.
However I’m all about that camera though, who doesn’t love a bit of photography every now and again?

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I could not care less about camera.



@Roberto If you are into cameras than you may know that:

high Mpx are good for landscape portraits and macro shots with good light.
You won’t use a phone with 20Mpx in such a case.
And that means:
more than 16Mpx bring more drawbacks than benefits. Stay away from big Mpx phones if you like to have great pictures, it’s a guaranteed to be disappointed, if you don’.

I think you should be something else. Pro 5 is expensive and very disappointing

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