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Re: [How to] Flyme 5 Push Notifications delay - fix

Hey guys.
I know this is an old topic but i can’t seem to get notifications working for any messaging apps.
I have the pro 5 with installed.
Ie. Facebook messager, viber, WhatsApp, Gmail etc.
The messages only arrived when I unlock the phone or sometimes only when I open the app in question.
I have tried everything listed on this website with reference to the problem and still can’t get it work.
Ie. Security app settings regarding notifications, power options, white listing apps in the optimiser.
I even paused the security app titanium backup and the problem still exist.
It’s a serious problem that meizu don’t seem to want to fix.
Does anyone have any other ideas how to fix this annoying problem?
Maybe someone has made some headway recently with it.
I would really appreciate some help in that matter.
Thanks in advance.

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I’d recommend you to follow this guide
If that doesn’t work for you, try to install the following app: Root version | No-root version

Thanks for the reply.
I tried all then steps with and they didn’t work. I even installed the heartbeat modifier.
I’m now on, tried the same steps, rebooted, restored and tried again and still no luck.
It’s is the most annoying bug I’ve ever came across.
Unfortunately, i can’t return the unit. If I could I would have ages ago.
Thanks again for the reply

@Swong07 Then try this other guide
Or this one (which I’m not sure If it works)

The second option wouldn’t be relevant to me as the play services and store are pre installed in the G versions.
I’ll try the other option now and let you know.

That worked initially but after a few minutes of the screen off, the problem returned.
Does everyone who has this phone have the same problem? I can’t imagine people being able to use it correctly like that.
Incidentally, the meizu. Security was already set to false when I went in.

@Swong07 I’d recommend you to reinstall the firmware and clean your cache and data (check the second option when installing the firmware)
That will wipe all your apps so you may want to do a copy, the photos, videos, etc will be untoched

Thanks for all the suggestions but unfortunately non of them worked with flyme 5.
In the end, i downgraded to and the problem is mainly fixed now. Also had to change the WiFi and cellular heartbeat to 5mins using heartbeat fixer for GCM(playstore)
The security app in flyme 5 seems to be problem but even pausing/uninstalling it doest fix the issue.
I will stick with flyme 4.5 for the moment until meizu get their shit together and sort out this ridiculous bug.
Thanks again for the assistance.

@Swong07 I’m glad that you could fix it
Meizu fixing things :joy: :joy: :joy: Nice joke

Just to update on this.
I upgraded to after Downgrade to 4.5 without a data wipe and the notification seem to be still working correctly.
I personally think the heartbeat fixer for GCM fixed the problem. I tried other similar apps that didn’t work.
I also added an exception in power management to keep that app alive.
Hope this helps someone who has this frustrating bug going on.
Looking forward to seeing cyanogenmod ported to this device. With this hardware it would be an absolute beast.

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