Flashlight can't turn on


I have problem with my meizu m1 meta! I can’t turn on flashlight. It on works in camera mode when I taking picture. Flashlight only blink really fast and picture quality in dark is really poor! But it can’t be turned on with stock flashlight app, and any other app for flashlight from google play! Is this problem with all meizu metal phones or I have damaged one? Please help!


@zoka365 seems like it is damaged. However, you maybe want to try a fresh installation of the firmware. Often this resolves software sided issues, so you can be sure it is the hardware.

How to do a fresh firmware install? I’m alredy try update to Flyme beta, and still no results.

i just tried with update.zip, but still nothing, works only when I take the picture


Then you seem to have a hardware failure - sadly.
It could be just the LED or the entire mainboard - it is very hard to tell, especially because I am not an expert about that part of the phone.

Thank you for info!can you tell me about battery life on this device, it goes from 70% to 0% on standby after 4 hours. During normal use battery is empty after 5h, and display time is only 1h 35m? Is this normal with this device, or my phone is broken?Device is new.

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