Factory reset with a passcode on the phone(Pro 5 Chinese Version)?

Long story short, I need take the passcode off the phone (which I can do with TWRP.) I have the Chinese Version of the Pro 5, which is horrible. Anyone have any ideas? All I really need is to get TWRP on this phone, but it requires an unlocked bootloader.


@iliketurtuls which passcode? If the device asks you for a PIN/passcode on the recovery, disable it from the Settings.
The code is the same one as the one you have setup.

If you received the device with a passcode try contacting your seller.

I can’t disable it because I dont know it in the first place.

This phone was taken from me (had no password) and was returned back to me with a passcode lock. I have no contact with the person who took the phone, because I don’t know who took it from me.

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@iliketurtuls only Meizu can help.
Send them an invoice of your device and explain them the case. The may or may not help you, depending on your mood.

Sadly this is a dead end for us :(

I sent them an email about 11 hours ago, no response so far. I will most likely have to call them today, which seems like it will be a pain (possible language barrier.) Hope for the best I guess.


@iliketurtuls well, if you mean to call the chinese HQ you are a bit too late. It is 1AM Friday in China :P

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