I need help. I installed flyme beta which i found on official flyme website. Everything is working except… I cannot download google play games it says theres an error - 505 and without that i cant play games!!! Everything else on play store works plsss help this is very important

The wiki doesn’t help I installed that google app isntaller and it did nothing

Meizufabs support actually messaged me back and said to do the same thing with Google installer and that doesn’t solve the problems do you have any other solutions??

Meizu support* stupid auto-correct

Meizu Pro 5

Two different people + wiki providing the same solution probably means it’s the way to fix your problem. Double check the way you are applying it.


Let me post the instructions here, just that you cannot say it wasn’t in the Wiki:

  1. Download Google Installer for Flyme 5.
  2. Install the APK and run it.
  3. Add your Google account and follow the setup.
  4. Open Play Store.
  5. Delete Google account.
  6. Clear Play Store and Play Services data.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Add account and enjoy.

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