MX5 Wont Turn On

Hi, I would really appreciate any help -
My meizu mx5 dies and won’t turn on.
I tried charging all night, but that didn’t help.
Any suggestions?


It could be that the mainboard is dead. If the device really shows no reaction to anything, you maybe want to consider buying a new device or trying to replace the mainboard.

Simply error,you just need to remove battery pins for 3 seconds and put it back again.It has to do with battery memory
it happens to me sometimes because i am working the phone rarely and they are made to stay on not off don’t freak
out just remove the battery for 3 seconds and later it will be working smoothly again.

@kotronas hi you mean i need to open the unit then remove the battery pins? does this troubleshooting worksaround? because my mx5 drain its battery then i try to charge it but no indication that its charging and i try to charge it all night same thing no power… because if this thing really works i dont mind the warranty since i dont have time to bring it back to the seller since i just purchased it online, and i wont hesitate to open it… to make sure the phone works fine again…

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