Flyme OS test firmware (m2)

Firmware Highlights

  • Notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding more switches.
  • Read New Book Excerpt share; optimization Stock cropping experience.

Set up

  • Quick switch management: notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot switch.
  • Energy management: energy management optimization statistics program.
  • Optimization: Adjust system volume of the “notification sound” and “Sound System” icon.
  • Optimization: Optimization of the default application settings logic.
  • Optimization: Shorten scan time local Ringtones.
  • FIX: In the guest mode can open the fingerprint management interface through the third-party applications.


  • Share: Book excerpt selected to increase sharing.
  • Topic: New retro eye and two themes.
  • Search: Search for new keyword association, hot words, and search history.
  • Notification: New chapter serial update notification switch.
  • Font: Font size adjustment increased Reader 12.
  • Sync: Cloud sync support reading progress.
  • Page: Add volume key flip switch.

User Center

  • Points Mall: REWARDS comprehensive revision, to increase the mass exchange gifts.
  • Task Points: Add more integral tasks, earn points more easily.
  • Personal Center: Modify the individual centers, increasing the “My Coupons” management.
  • Daren list: increasing the level of people Leaderboard.


  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page address plus project support by calling the map to navigate.

File Management

  • Presentation: Optimizing document classification, according to all the files, office documents, e-books Display category.
  • Archive: compression optimized packet classification, direct file list.


  • Crop: Crop optimization function library experience.
  • Optimization: Continuous management interface to modify the Delete button bomb box copy and interaction.
  • Optimization: Add “Burst Snapshot” photo album.
  • Fix: There are a lot of photo albums, the list of declining delete some pictures, automatically return to top of the list.
  • Automatic scrolling slide multiple selections state failure: Repair.

Mobile butler

  • Optimization: Close the notification bar too alert.
  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch is not turned on, boot or restart the phone notification bar display traffic information.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

I have tested this version, and I will advice not to install it because you will lose your time installing it and just to find out that its not different from other older versions at all. Just wait for stable android version or other betas to come.


@pedjakis I am afraid that there won’t be any Android roms for the m2 anymore.
Even the last stable one was YunOS based and so will all future firmwares.

Sorry, i’m new to meizu family how will that affect us if the future roms are YunOs based? And a stupid question,will this affect the apps from the playstore that is supposed to be for android os?


@drivth well YunOS is an Android fork so everything should work (fine). The difference between Android and YunOS though is that YunOS is syncing to chinese servers and has no root option (Kingroot can help here though). So basically you are getting a rom which is optimized for the chinese market rather than the overseas one.

Thank you, i understand now. Rooting it is the less for me, so i think i’m good with it. As long as the google sync still works!!

@Rey I am 99% aware that it will be like you sad. But still, there is that 1% of chance that they will be releasing android version and Im still hoping,…

this firmware Gps is not good ,search to slow, Now downgraded to stable

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