How can I add a different dictionary to Flyme keyboard? Is it possible?
The phone supports portuguese as the system language and keyboard but only have English or Chinese dictionary…

I highly recommend the Sony Xperia Z1S keyboard for international users: http://meizufans.eu/forum/thread-xperia-z1s-keyboard-for-mx3-fully-working


Yeah, unfortunately Flyme Keyboard doesnt support all Android languages. :(

Z1S Keyboard is a very good alternative to the default keyboard, but its installation process is a bit kinky at least if ones new to Android.

Once you understand the installation process, you might want to take a look at the LGG3 Keyboard aswell, which is installed the same way.

You can find an installation guide on our YouTube channel.

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In Flyme it’s possible to use Swiftkey without smartbar problems!
My Meizu MX2 now speaks and writes portuguese!!!

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