Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

Firmware Highlights

  • Notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding more switches.
  • Read New Book Excerpt share; optimization Stock cropping experience.

Set up

  • Quick switch management: notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot switch.
  • Energy management: energy management optimization statistics program.
  • Optimization: Adjust system volume of the “notification sound” and “Sound System” icon.
  • Optimization: Optimization of the default application settings logic.
  • Optimization: Shorten scan time local Ringtones.
  • FIX: In the guest mode can open the fingerprint management interface through the third-party applications.


  • Share: Book excerpt selected to increase sharing.
  • Topic: New retro eye and two themes.
  • Search: Search for new keyword association, hot words, and search history.
  • Notification: New chapter serial update notification switch.
  • Font: Font size adjustment increased Reader 12.
  • Sync: Cloud sync support reading progress.
  • Page: Add volume key flip switch.

User Center

  • Points Mall: REWARDS comprehensive revision, to increase the mass exchange gifts.
  • Task Points: Add more integral tasks, earn points more easily.
  • Personal Center: Modify the individual centers, increasing the “My Coupons” management.
  • Daren list: increasing the level of people Leaderboard.


  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page address plus project support by calling the map to navigate.

File Management

  • Presentation: Optimizing document classification, according to all the files, office documents, e-books Display category.
  • Archive: compression optimized packet classification, direct file list.


  • Crop: Crop optimization function library experience.
  • Optimization: Continuous management interface to modify the Delete button bomb box copy and interaction.
  • Optimization: Add “Burst Snapshot” photo album.
  • Fix: There are a lot of photo albums, the list of declining delete some pictures, automatically return to top of the list.
  • Automatic scrolling slide multiple selections state failure: Repair.

Mobile butler

  • Optimization: Close the notification bar too alert.
  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch is not turned on, boot or restart the phone notification bar display traffic information.


  • Repair: Wi-Fi traffic environment did not open, choose to play video tips are in the flow of play.


  • Repair: The battery display is not accurate.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Really impressed with this version, the phone has become much less power hungry I got 2.5h of on screen time out of a 25% ( not gaming, browsing and social media).
Less overheating than previous versions but still a bit.
I did a clean installation.
Notification push OK from were I can se (WhatsApp)

Also a good news is that one can modify the taskbar now.

@jramosd any have u noticed any bugs buddy? what about notifications, did it work properly?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@vicscloud said in Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro):

@jramosd any have u noticed any bugs buddy? what about notifications, did it work properly?

same problems with notifications (whatsapp)

Gmail, facebook messenger, everything is the same. Battery drains as hell. This beta is a joke.

@kopczas Did you check WiFi on vs off?


dont like this update… 9 % per 10h Night… i bet it can be fixed by flashing a few times this firmware but im lazy right now.

@Kestutis said in Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro):

@kopczas Did you check WiFi on vs off?

No because 60% of battery was taken by cell standby. WiFi was about 0.5% so wifi is not the issue.
After flashing this beta I got about 70% of power. 6 hours later it went down to 3%. I did not do anything extraordinary during this time.

@kopczas You are speaking about hardware consumption list. But try to 1) disable WiFi 2) run optimization from the security app.


Software consumption actually was quite low.

What would do optimazation with WiFi turn off? I did optimization with wifi on.

@kopczas Just try in both ways. For me optimization helps in any case, but i get better result with Wifi off. If wifi stays on, a group of apps needing optimization appears in the list very soon again.

In my personal case phone standby takes less than 1%
I can’t a understand why people gets fiderent result depending on how the flashed the ROM or the version they are coming from.

For me whatsApp works perfectly and gmail too the only thing I find bugs is when using snapchat that I won’t notify me anything

Ok, so how did you flash your device? I used 5.6.x.x rom from april I think.
In recovery in choose upgrade from zip and clear data. Then I wait. After first boot I rooted my phone, reboot. Another step was install google aps with google installer from app store. Then I realised that th battery is like countdown running down in my eyes: 39…38…37… %

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