Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)

Firmware Highlights

  • Notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding more switches.
  • Read New Book Excerpt share; optimization Stock cropping experience.

Set up

  • Quick switch management: notification and status bar add “quick switch management,” adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot switch.
  • Energy management: energy management optimization statistics program.
  • Optimization: Adjust system volume of the “notification sound” and “Sound System” icon.
  • Optimization: Optimization of the default application settings logic.
  • Optimization: Shorten scan time local Ringtones.
  • FIX: In the guest mode can open the fingerprint management interface through the third-party applications.


  • Share: Book excerpt selected to increase sharing.
  • Topic: New retro eye and two themes.
  • Search: Search for new keyword association, hot words, and search history.
  • Notification: New chapter serial update notification switch.
  • Font: Font size adjustment increased Reader 12.
  • Sync: Cloud sync support reading progress.
  • Page: Add volume key flip switch.

User Center

  • Points Mall: REWARDS comprehensive revision, to increase the mass exchange gifts.
  • Task Points: Add more integral tasks, earn points more easily.
  • Personal Center: Modify the individual centers, increasing the “My Coupons” management.
  • Daren list: increasing the level of people Leaderboard.


  • Optimization: Yellow contact details page address plus project support by calling the map to navigate.

File Management

  • Presentation: Optimizing document classification, according to all the files, office documents, e-books Display category.
  • Archive: compression optimized packet classification, direct file list.


  • Crop: Crop optimization function library experience.
  • Optimization: Continuous management interface to modify the Delete button bomb box copy and interaction.
  • Optimization: Add “Burst Snapshot” photo album.
  • Fix: There are a lot of photo albums, the list of declining delete some pictures, automatically return to top of the list.
  • Automatic scrolling slide multiple selections state failure: Repair.

Mobile butler

  • Optimization: Close the notification bar too alert.
  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch is not turned on, boot or restart the phone notification bar display traffic information.


  • Repair: Wi-Fi traffic environment did not open, choose to play video tips are in the flow of play.

Flyme OS
Flyme OS “” (updated

Flyme OS

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I love G versions :p

IT’S A FAKE !!! G is old G !!! Just flashed and… woooopssss !!!


@PYCON how can it be a fake? It was uploaded just today on the FlymeOS forums.

Please think before writing such a nonsense. We are not Meizu.

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The G version published today on FlymeOS forum is the “old” G.
You can check it also by the changelog list!

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@Rey said in Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5):

@maxant69 thanks for the clarification. Corrected it.

Sorry if I disturb you, but maybe it’s better to put the link of the G version to this topic:
So the release number and the changelog are both correct

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@maxant69 I am afraid that it is “too old”. I mean there is already a v1 and today at the 3rd of May there was the v2, so I think it is okay to leave it here.

I think it’s the same release “gone public” by Meizu.
The first is the one leaked by a beta tester.
I think Meizu released the beta version because it’s trying to keep international users quiet as the G stable version is not ready.

We will have to wait until Meizu releases a version with Marshmallow …
C’mon Meizu, We’re not asking for a fully stable version, just a “Beta” version or an “Alpha”

Btw, was up a while ago (more than a week) the thing is it hadn’t been published on FlymeOS forums

Since I’m testing this firmware I have an issue with google play : unable to download apps. Do somebody experience the same ?

@abiruk said in Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5):

Since I’m testing this firmware I have an issue with google play : unable to download apps. Do somebody experience the same ?

Could you please check the firmware version ? I’m really curious… :p . It’s a test firmware.

@abiruk said in Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5): . It’s a test firmware.

Ah ! Ok, it’s A version. 'cause G version seems to be reported as G.

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