Removal of chinese apps on non-rooted MX4?

Dear All,

I just bought a used MX4. It has Flyme 5, chinese version. I am using Nova Launcher and uninstalled all of the chinese apps I could, but I still get some notifications in chinese.
Can I remove all of those apps?
Also, as far as I understand, there is no Flyme 5 for the international version of MX4?

You can’t remove anything 100% if you are not rooted.


@joriq you can use the global FlymeOS 5 beta


But you can never ever remove all Chinese content from FLymeOS, makes no difference what firmware you have.

so, what is then the difference between international and chinese firmware, if international firmware still has chinese apps? :) Just the addition of google apps?

  1. Which version is this exactly?
  2. How do I flash it and can it be rooted?

@joriq It has more languages and google apps out of the box.

Most Chinese apps are still on the phone, some got removed. But the Chinese content is only hidden. (Not removed)

When you start any FLymeOS system app it connects to the Internet and loads Chinese content (what you don’t see as it’s hidden).

I wrote a topic about this. It’s just two lines in the build.prop that hides the content, but not removes or disables it.

And if you wonder why it’s like this? Why is there no global firmware though Meizu went global in 2014, in France?

I will quote the Head of FLymeOS the man in charge of it: “Meizu will try to give more importance to the global firmware, in the future.” (Doesn’t even say they have a plan, it’s a lose maybe, we will make it better, maybe…)

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i downloaded the file you provided, put in on mx4, entered the recovery and tried to flash, but it said that the file is corrupt. After that I did an OTA update to the latest beta Flyme OS test firmware (MX4)
Before that I used kingroot and removed some chinese apps via Titanium.
Since I am giving away the phone as a present, now I made a factory reset and will root it via Flyme account (if it allows me to register without a sim card in it?)

PS Is it possible that I need a chinese number in order to register a flyme account?!?!?

Edit: I registered via PC… But in user center 6.something I was not able to find a root option, so I installed it via Titanium and installed the version you recommended, but for international Flume.

Not sure if I was supposed to do it?

Edit 2: noup, it was a dumb idea! :P I lost access to my (virtual) SD card, so now I had to wipe clean the phone :aerial_tramway:

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