How useful is 3D touch on a Meizu Pro 6?

3D Touch on a Meizu is horrible bad!
Or simply stupid

Keep on reading to figure out why.

What does 3D Touch need to work:

  • Hardware Support
  • Software support

So what is the problem?
There is no software but a few Meizu FlymeOS system apps that will support it.

Okay… but why is this bad?
That means you pay for something you do not need. When you get a Pro 6, you will have to pay the hardware and development. So simply said this phone with a shitty processor and shitty battery is more expensive than it has to be, for no benefit!

You are not able to use the 3D touch, until the big brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or Google start to support 3D touch.
Only when the big majority of people have Android phones with 3D touch, this will change.

So I will get it in the future, as soon as there are apps? (After the big brands made some phones with 3D though)
No, you won’t! Meizu does it differently, they use their software. And this software will not be compatible to the stock-Android.

You pay for something that you will never use. So why pay for it in the first place?
Follow up:
The problem, in a nutshell, is: Adding a useless feature is okay as long the product does not get worse.

What Meizu did wrong is:

Instead of improving a product, they made it worse.

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will add a few words here…
we all knew that you pay this year for nothing… so yeah…
and they did announcement that 3d press works only on FEW (that Meizu made) and only with limited functionality apps and as there was rumors… (now we can see this puzzle clearly) as some Employee at Meizu told at first that 3d press simply not ready to be implemented… but we saw it on pro 6… i guess one of the key managers told hey… we need it on the device cause we have nothing else to offer as a Premium… even if its not ready at all…

about supporting… all Meizu need is release of Android N… that will have a native support of 3d touch/press so they could forget about own development of software side of this technology…

so yeah they had to implement unfinished 3d press… imagine how bad device would be without it? (not like its better with it but you know… Ads will do the trick for unaware customer)

I wouldn’t say worse, it’s more “not useful enough”. For me it appeared to be useful when setting alarms or reminders a little quicker. Other than that - not much use.
The thing I really lack is a full manual on the Pro 6. I’ve no idea about the full 3D press functionality.


@Stuka You can only use it with the FlymeOS system apps until the 2nd or 3rd iteration of Android is out.

Like written before:
-> I am not sure if 100$ is worth spending on 3D touch just to have it for the flymeos alarm app.

However that’s what I think, you may see things different.

In general, it’s sure to say:
-> Without 3D touch and the ring flash thing the Pro 6 could have been 150$ cheaper, and that’s a lot of money.

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