Pro 6 more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi5? Is Meizu nuts?
Pro 6 sells more expensive than Xiaomi Mi 5

Are they completely nuts?

Chinese re-sellers started to sell the Pro 6.

I got my Mi5 from flosmall an average Chinese re-seller. I did so because it was the only shop that had the Xiaomi Mi5 in stock, three days after the release.

–> Flosmall is super fast when it comes to this.

All in all, I paid 450$ for the Xiaomi Mi 5 (3GB RAM / 32GB ROM), including DHL Express shipping and import taxes to Norway.

And the same for the Pro 6 costs 520$ (4GB RAM / 32GB ROM), this is nuts, this is madness.

The prices for the Mi5 dropped by ~100¤ depending upon the re-seller.

But hell! How can this weak piece of junk (weak by the means of being weaker than the Meizu Pro 5), be so expensive!


So stupid!

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I guess that’s not the true price. I got mine for ~460-470 from a local supplier.
Also, Pro 6 kind of resembles iPhone so maybe they think they can charge more because of that :)

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