struck in fastboot , i need help

hi i have meizu mx5 and i changed my old battery and screen to new … after fix this 2 parts - my meizu do not turn on (on screen is only visivle logo meizu and when i push vol. plus button and power off screen show fastboot mode …) like on this phone . i try install fastboot / adb and computer does not accept phone … can by problem in new ( maybe uncalibrated battery ) thanks for reply .


@stanislavn shut the device off and try to boot into recovery instead by using Volume Up + Power. Then connect the device to your PC and put the onto it.

@Rey boot in to recovery does not work to me . only works vol. - and power on (this is fastboot mode ) . my computer does not recognized my meizu phone ,( i install on my pc lots of android/adb driver and nothing works …) i am dissapointed …i do not know what should i flash new update … when you will have some idea what with it please send my some instructions. thanks


@stanislavn did you tried to modify something at your device? Because if it cannot boot into the recovery the device is bricked and therefore only a new mainboard can help.

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