micro sd card for m2 note

i just want to buy a new micro sd for my m2 note.
i saw cards like 128 gb something like this :


and i want to know if it will work on my device ? i saw in the device spec that it supports micro sd cards 128 gb and less, but class 10 and ultra… anybody knows?
second, does this card will be “heavy” on this device and it will be better to buy 32/64 ?
i will be happy to hear explains or suggestions…
thanks a lot !


It should work just fine as the m2 note officially supports 128GB microSD cards. However, the card you find is an obvious fake and WILL NOT hold 128GB on its storage.

thanks for your answer…

why fake ? how do you know?


@gushnik1 the price is unrealistic, plus the seller has a bad rating and is from China selling SanDisk (one of the most faked brands).

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