APN settings internet fix!

Before flyme 5 never did get a problems with 3g internet, so i saw that my internet connection is very slow and doesn’t work as before. I am on contract with provider and they have an app to see how much left free megabytes, sms and calling minutes. So on flyme 5 that app said that i doesn’t have a providers Sim card or i am using wifi internet.

Simple solution for flyme 5a or y users:
At settings>sims and networks>apn settings>open your wap providers settings> at proxy you see an IP address and below you see a port number. Add this port number with colon to ip address. Save settings. See picture below

Go and check your internet speed or applications that wants to read your sim card.

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Can this will work on idea network India u.p

@ranu1995 @ranu1995 all providers use apn for setting your sim card to get internet and mms

I m asking that example I have Airtel sim card OK and I will open my proxy and fill it what you post OK then it will work or not

@ranu1995 No! It will not work. Every provider have different ip’s and more. For 4g internet you need special sim card that support 4g internet. All codes are written to sim card out of the box. Don’t write my ip adress it will not work for you.

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