Questions about Hi-Fi Components in Pro 6

Hi all,

I’m using a Meizu Pro 5 right now and considering to upgrade to Pro 6 since Pro 5 is too large for me and Pro 6 have better refined design, so I really glad that finally the Pro 6 forum is here.

But when I’ve looked through all the specs, I’m not sure if it’s worth the upgrade. There are 2 problems here:

  1. The Hi-Fi system. I use the Pro 5 for music, I use it instead of my Sony player since I feel that the Pro 5 sounds better, more power, more detail. But when I looked at the Pro 6 keynote they use the system call “Hi-Fi Lite”!!! what is Lite? (from: So is this means the quality will be lower from Pro 5 since Pro 5 is not Lite?

Then I dug in to the specs and the Pro 5 has the dedicated amp circuit, 4 NXP transistors, ES9018K2M DAC and OPA1612 amp. But for Pro 6, seems like they didn’t care much about sounds that much. Pro 6 has “CS43L36 decoding integrated amp chip from Cirrus Logic” does this means both DAC and amp is in only 1 chip? They didn’t mention any of the dedicated circuit but only the loudspeaker that’s louder I think.

So this keeps me wondering should I upgrade, I’m so afraid that the sound quality might not be better than the Pro 5.

  1. The storage changed from UFS back to eMMC, which I think it seems to be downgrade since UFS is newer and faster. Can this makes the overall experience with the device become worse?

Thanks to you all and sorry for my English.


@bntrnc seriously - the Pro 6 is not an upgrade. It is a huge downgrade instead.

  1. The Pro 6 chip is most likely not as good as the Pro 5 in terms of sound. The CS is way worse than the ES and OPA chips.
    Yet I have no clue how the loud speaker sounds though.

  2. Well, as mentioned earlier the Pro 6 is a huge downgrade. Therefore it is indeed slower, but as I assume you have no intense I/O operations you might not feel the difference between UFS and eMMC. Still the performance will decrease.

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