Downgrade and version

Hello friends:
   As I read to downgrade it is not difficult, but to me it cost me a lot, so I come to this forum.

I bought a meizu m2 note that came with the version 4.5.3I, but to prove I upgraded to the because there is not yet the “I” I liked it, but to give the phone to my mother must be in Spanish.

that’s when the problem came, I tried all versions “I” from the down and all shows me the message “firmaware Corrupt”.

Note: I’m doing it by manual method:
   - Lower the
   - Copy it to the root of the phone.
   - Shutdown and Restart with “Power / Volume +”
   - Setting the 2 options (update and clear).

What else I can do?


@yeniceirl where did you bought the device? It could be that you were sold a faked “I” device. Which means it is actually an A one, but was bypassed to use an I firmware, as seen here:

You were right, I followed the guide and the problem is solved, it is definitely a Chinese version, hahaha…

Thanks a lot.

hola ; yeniceirl, yo tengo el mismo problema , compre el meizu note 2 por aliexpres venia con la versión 4.5.3I, he tratado de hacer lo que te recomendaron en este hilo pero no tengo acceso a root , sale en mi cuenta flyme que tengo los permmisos abiertos pero no es asi , me puedes decir como solucionaste el problema y si pudiste actualizarlo a la vercion global , saludos desde chile…

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