I want to ask if I can install CWM recovery on mx4pro safely pro??
If so, how can I do this?

Or any other from which I can install opengapps.
TWRP is fine?

Thanks :)

Can also install flyme with TWRP?


@kopczas thats a good question. I do not really know about the MX4 Pro, but I read something about the MX4. Those who tried using it with TWRP ended up to hardbrick their device. So best is to install Flyme always over the stock recovery.

@kopczas succesfully did this a lot time. Device m2 mini. First unlock bootloader. Then install twrp.

Funny thing, I installed twrp like @Rey suggested. reboot into twrp, did nothing I just looked what is that, then restarted the phone. First time I got bootloop, for the second it started optimazing apps… why??

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