Freeze after downgrade

Hello! I installed rom to try it but becouse of the lot of chinese stuff I wanted to go back to the old 4.5.4I. I started the downgrade, unfortunatelly i haven’t checked the “clean install” and it can’t boot. Just loading and loading. I turned it off and started from the recovery and did a clean install but it did not help. How can i solve this issue? Please tell me it is solveable. Thank you in advance for the answers.

@konor your problem might be solved by downgrading to A version of the firmware. Are you 100% sure your Pro5 is international?


@DanCo90 first of all this topic is in the m2 section. But yes, I would also ask myself whether or not the m2 is an international one or chinese as many retailers modify the chinese devices to look like an international one.

@Rey you are right… i miss typed… but… as you said… it may be applied to m2, sorrry

It is international. I bought it here in Hungary. Originally it came with 4.5.3O rom. Then I upgraded it to 4.5.4I and used it without any problem. Yesterday I upgraded to then tried to downgrade to 4.5.4I again but i’ve ran into a bootloop. I looked after it yesterday and from recovery I plugged in the phone to my PC and coped into the recovery folder the 4.5.4I update.exe but did not help. Then I went to recovery again, plugged the phone into the PC and coped the update.exe to the recovery folder, did a data clean and update and now it is working with the new rom. Is it possible to downgrade somehow? I will get use to this new firmware, it is not that bad. Just wondering why I can’t downgrade.


@konor the device you are using is from TCCM. It is very likely they put another lock into it or modified sonething else of the recovery which we cannot see.

I tried with 4.5.3I (international), it is the same. Bootloop. That is not bad. But it have to be some solution.

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