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Hi there! I have a Meizu M2 with firmware I don’t know if it has a modified firmware but it has a lot of languages, including Portuguese (Portugal), which is the one I use. Is it possible to change for the Public Firmware in order to install Flyme 5? Does flyme 5 contain Portuguese (Portugal)? Thank you!


@CookieC So far no, couse, flyme 5 for M2 is for now only chinese version, based on YunOs. it has only English and chinese Language. Later on, Meizu will maybe, but just maybe, give us the International version witch would have all languages. We will have to wait and see if that will hapend


It is a modified one you are currently using, but as @pedjakis said: Flyme 5 has no multilanguage support, unless you use a G firmware, which is not available yet.

Hi. My M2 Mini was working fine on but has ‘upgraded’ the OS to without my permission/agreement which is no good for me. How do I return to my OS which was working fine?

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