Too many notifications? - notification

Hi guys

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of that “Too many notifications?” notification.

That is always showing up and if I long press I cant choose not ´to show notifications (its grayed out).

I already tried to Notifications off (root) app and choose Security not to show notifications but I still always having that notification.
Its so annoying.

See image for notification

Thanks for any help

@hjmalves Which Flyme version is this, and which handset are you using… can you be more specific?


Its a Meizu PRO 5 running Flyme but this already happened in previous versions (5.1.2 e 5.1.3).

If you see the 2 images below you can see the notification that is always showing up (every 10 or 20 minutes).

If I long press I only get the choice to set priority but not to disable this notification.
1_1461778091631_S60427-182048.jpg 0_1461778091626_S60427-181151.jpg

Anyone? I see all people complaining that Meizu does not care with customers, but I am starting to see that Meizu user community does not give a f*ck with other users.

Meizu has a great future ahead for sure…

If you are root and have Xposed, you could try the meizu notification fix module.
I think it removes this icon, as all separate notifications icons are becoming available.

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