Bright dots on screen

Hi everyone

I’ve had the MX4 for over a year now and I’m loving it so far.
Problem is - recently some white dots (about 3mm wide) appear on the screen when it’s on.
I’ve had about 4-5 dots on the previous (original) screen, and recently I managed to break it and replaced with a new one. At first it didn’t have any dots, yet two days after the replacement - two more dots appeared.

I’ve tried playing with screen brightness and color temperatures - nothing helps.
Firmware versions are also irrelevant since I’ve upgraded recently from the latest 4.xG to 5.1.4A, nothing changed.

I suspect that it has something to do with the phone overheating and damaging screen, however it usually results in yellow marks on any overheated phone screen…
Had anyone encountered this before? Any way to fix or prevent it?


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Update: It expanded to over 10 of those, all over the screen… it’s bearable, but pretty annoying.
I’ve read somewhere that it’s a common problem with meizu users, can anyone confirm?


It depends. For the MX4 there indeed has been a high amount of hardware issues. I think it is best to buy a replacement on AliExpress.

It has to be one of TWO reasons, i have a FEW of them on my mx4 screen to.

  1. It can be due to heat… hot hardware parts touching lcd back directly,
  2. Battery can be old and expanding so it bends many hardware parts and some of them is touching back of lcd…

:) you can see many same kind of dots on apple phones :)
it seems like apple is copying not design only lol

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