Play store - "Waiting for network" problem

Hello everybody, recently I have problems with my play store. When I try to download apps or update them it says Waiting for network and it dosent hapen anything. when I switch to wifi, everything is ok, I can download or update, when I get back to 2g, 3g… problems is back again. I have tried with deleting cashe or data from google play store app, or from google service framework, nothing hapends, I have deleted my account, than readd it but still the same. I have instaled latest stable version but problem is the same.
Can someone help me???

@pedjakis open the default Flyme download manager app and follow the prompts in the pop-up.

@ShadowOfDeth common man, is this that simple, wtf, this has actualy resolved my problem. Can u explain me how this worked?

Guys, I have the same problem, but I didn’t understand how to fix it.

  1. When on 3G, I open the play store and click to download some app, it will give me Waiting for network
  2. I leave the play store, and open Flyme Download app (green icon)

Then what? (I can’t see anything, it says no download task)

Just click on the right side of the notification and it will ask you for permission to access the mobile network.
That’s it !

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