Meizu MX4 launch event timeline (many pictures!)

Venue standby: waiting for the conference to begin

Girls in final training

Attendance registration and entry area

The stage seems ready

Lots of excited friends arrived early at the scene

The friends posed for a charming group photo

Everything seems ready

The conference begins officially

The video of the opening scene represents the time from MX3 launch – and when the MX4 release day was scheduled – to today’s launch of the MX4. Besides, the main character of the story is also attending here in this conference today.

From exactly one year ago to today Meizu has undergone a massive change.
Let the numbers - 300 authorized stores in addition to 1000 stores and 3000 counters – articulate themselves. Meanwhile new service centers are continuously being opened one after another. By the end of 2015 the amount of service centers is supposed to reach 60, which basically means a complete national coverage.

He’s up on stage

After a full year of effort, we have overcome numerous challenges and finally came up with a new product we are more than proud to share with all of you. Let me introduce you to the new wonderful smartphone, the MX4. From its craftsmanship to its design and hardware, the MX4 is a perfect combination of passion and dreams we all share, which brings Meizu and its mobile phones to a whole new level.

Unicom 4G mobile data + better Wi-Fi + more accurate GPS
The MX4’s 4G LTE support brings its data speeds to 7 times higher compared to its predecessor, the MX3. It is also three times better in Wi-Fi reception and speeds than what the MX3 was. In addition to GPS the MX4 supports the Japanese alternative QZSS, Russian Glonass and Chinas Beidou. Wherever you go, you’ll not get lost as long as you’re carrying a MX4!

Performance: Smooth and fast, more than enough
The intelligent 8-core processor of the MX4 ensures you a smooth experience, whether you’re playing a heavy game or having a chatter – or actually doing both meanwhile listening to music! Compared to the MX3 MX4s processor speed is improved by 87%, and the GPU speed has improved by 88%. Flash memory is three times better both in speed and capacity. If you find someone questioning the MX4s performance after seeing all the numbers, show them one more number – the benchmark results - in which the MX4 scores at 46124!

Battery life
We gave the MX4 a huge battery capacity of 3100mAh. This is 30% more capacity than with the MX3.

Upgraded from 8 to 20.7 megapixels and with the dual-tone LED flash, the MX4 promises a clear, bright shot with high detail colors even at the darkest circumstances.

**Special features
With MX4’s camera you can shoot 100 FPS HD video for slow-motion, and 30 FPS 4K video for the highest definition.

Meizu reveals MX4s new build material – Magnesium Alloy

Victory of details
Formed out of Magnesium Alloy, the body of the MX4 provides toughness and extreme strength. Thanks not only to the light material, but also to the process of diamond cutting, metal stamping and sandblasting, the removable back-cover provides not only lightweightness but also durability and most importantly marvelous details.

MX4 comes equipped with a 5.36 inch screen which also sets a global record with its narrow 2.6mm bezel. The screen resolution is improved to Full HD-grade 1920 x 1152 pixels and it’s color, brightness and contrast levels are something no other phone can achieve.

“No matter how much money we will spend, we must achieve it!” – J.Wong

All new screen suspension gel technology, first time ever used in a consumer grade product.

Honest and kind
New 1-year consumer insurance which covers repair costs for both shattered screen and water-damaged units. For a year’s time we will repair your accidentally broken phone, and if we fail, we will replace your phone with a brand new unit.

Beautiful portrait not only from the outside, but also disassembled.

Yang Yan is on stage revealing Flyme 4.

From 1.0 to 3.0, Flyme has gone through more than one hundred different versions, all trying to improve and optimize the system in different ways, but the original dream of simple and elegant design in combination with ultimate user experience has never changed.

In 2014 we launched the weekly test firmware program and meanwhile became the first company to supply an update to Android 4.4 KitKat. By the end of July we were able to release a first version of Flyme for a non-Meizu device, the Samsung S4. Today we will expand Flyme family to LG and Sony users aswell.

Flyme 4 will have similar primary coloring run through the application icons and user interface. This time not only the icons and interface change. We will go deeper to the internal controls of each app, and we call this use of colors extreme.

New font
We replaced the old font with a nicer one with the Flyme 4 update.

Dynamic blur-effect
Flyme 4 can apply a dynamic, regional blur or fuzzy effect on parts such as notification center controls, to keep focus highlighted on the controls out of the other interface. You can use your finger to switch between fuzzy and non-fuzzy.

More than 1000 of the most popular third-party application icons have been redrawn. 100 third-party notification icons have been redrawn as well. 500 popular site icons have also been redrawn. And so have more than 700 light application icons.


Security Center
New Security Center released which is the result of deep cooperation with the best domestic mobile security providers. It provides a lot of powerful features and ROOT is not required to use any of them.

Voice assistant
New voice assistant with system-level access to 27 built-in modules and an access rate of 93%. A large number of mainstream platform services can be accessed at the same time. More than 15,000 Meizu phone and Flyme system related content was added.

New camera features
Various settings can be applied in manual mode. The beauty camera has been improved and a barcode scanner with related features has been added.

Cloud storage
Although quite late, cloud storage is available now. Thanks to a deep cooperation with 360, 40TB is available to each user. This means you will be able to store 20,000 high-definition movies or 2.3 million lossless music files. It’s seamlessly integrated with the Library and Documents apps.

Input method
Depth cooperation with Sogou. User-saved dictionaries from Flyme 3.0 will be carried over.

Online music
More than 6 million legal music files, 600.000 of which in the lossless format. This means the content has doubled compared to the previous version.

Online video
Based on the original, a new partner was added. Sohu and iQiyi.

When your mobile phone network allows you to make internet phone calls, integration is seamless. Service provider business functions are visually displayed in the message interface. The calculator can now convert the units of measurement and exchange rates.

Flyme 4.0 for the MX3 will arrive in early November. The MX2 version will come in Q4 this year.

Li Nan appears on stage.

Thanks for the translating!


Cool! Now i understood parts i didn’t while watching the live feed :P :P

They say better gps… So guess we need not worry about mediatek and bad gps history :D

Did they said something about different versions, hk and China? or will they bring only one version? The question about root privilege

Rooting is as easy as it was since the MX2:


Yes i know. But i thought trat only the Hongkong Version Has open System privileges


@‘tetotrink’ said:

Yes i know. But i thought trat only the Hongkong Version Has open System privileges

No. Root is available to both CN and HK… HK in addition has an open bootloader which I’ve never seen being used :P
And during the Flyme 4 presentation there was a slide with “ROOT” and people cheered a lot while the dude said something… I don’t know chinese but guess he said root is available as usual :P

@GreyGhost, And why do you have Hongkong Version? Are you often change between Hongkong and Chinese Rom?:-/


No problem mates - I’m more than happy to bring you this help. And honestly, HR probably helped me more with the translation than what I actually did, so thanks to him :D Also I’m very excited about the Pi Watch, which I’m hoping to see some info about soon ;)


@‘tetotrink’ said:

@GreyGhost, And why do you have Hongkong Version? Are you often change between Hongkong and Chinese Rom?:-/

I used to use only HK rom till 3.5… Meizu never released beta roms for hk so now I’ve been on cn roms since beta releases… Might go back when they release stable HK 3.8.x. :P
I have HK edition cos the guys at meizu sent me HK ;)

i m wait too Pi watch.beautiful watch for low price :)

He looks very well !
is that there has FM radio? (no data connection)
this is the only negative thing I found in the MX3.

@tiboutchou that’s just the Recorder app…

@‘tiboutchou’ said:

He looks very well !
is that there has FM radio? (no data connection)
this is the only negative thing I found in the MX3.

Still No FM I’m afraid.

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