Flyme OS stable (Pro 6)

@szmerd thanks I have seen it, but wanted to upload it tomorrow instead as there is firmware Tuesday :)

hello guys
I got the china version how can I switch to international ?


@Hamano-McDougachi there is a guide for the a few other devices, however yet it is not possible to convert the Pro 6 as some essential values are missing. If you still want to, you can take a look at it:

@Rey actually I figured it out from a Russian forum… now I’m running international version :)

It’s BETTER to run International( G, i ) versions even though A is more updated but it’s probably also got more bloatware + assures that we’ll get an update for G.

Pss - people seem to have some battery problems on chineese versions. I read it on a russian site

Hi, yesterday I installed the global version of this firmware and I feel that it is flawless (till now at least). Do you have any news for new update? Also, how can I get informed if someone answers to my post?

Please help me ***

1 . how can i record while calling ?

my meizu mx5 , every rom is ok

but my now Pro 6 , G , this funtion not work

i see the key " record button " while calling, but can’t tick it . it dim

here example:

alt text

Rec button dim, can’t not turn on , or touch

  1. Clearing recent Apps

+ now ( Pro 6 ):
alt text

it’s so inconvenience , take 3 - 4 seconds to close all apps , and to swich another apps is so waste time

+ before ( Mx5 ) :
alt text
very quickly close all , by scroll down, it takes less than 1 secons , very quickly, also switch another apps

how can i come back recent apps manager as MX5 ?

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