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Flyme OS stable (MX5)


Firmware Highlights

  • Improve the system upgrade mode, system upgrades APP new “reception trial version firmware” switch.
  • Optimize file sharing experience, increase “Free flow fast pass” to provide visual management page.


  • mBack: long touch Home key to return to the previous cancel.


  • International traffic: Yellow buy new international flow inlet, the first single yuan experience activities open.
  • Optimization: calls in full-screen desktop display when a call interface.
  • Fix: Even now display a blank contact list.

System Upgrade

  • Improve the system upgrade mode: add “receiving trial version firmware” switch.
  • Fixed: notification bar even now click “Download updates” no response.

Free flow pass fast

  • Free flow pass fast: optimized file sharing experience, increase visualization page.


  • Desktop editing: Adding mobile support under Utility mode icons and widget.
  • Prompt the desktop editing position adjustment: Optimization.


  • Network speed: new network speed function, a key to view the current network speed.
  • Network Diagnostics: new network diagnostic function, a key to detect the current network status.
  • Entrance: Settings - Wi-Fi - Click hotspots currently connected into the details page.
  • FIX: After connecting Wi-Fi switch to the data network will pop up authentication information.

Install external applications

  • Optimization: Depending on the installation source and application versions to distinguish between different installation scenarios, detailed display application permissions and chargeback risk.
  • Optimization: Increase downgrade installations processing.
  • Optimization: Tips why the installation failed.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization: Optimization Home Recommended to avoid screen flicker when loading data.
  • Optimization: Optimization of alarm to remind user experience, allows you to view all the alarm and turn off all alarm.
  • Optimization: Optimization of autodialer when using dual card language order.
  • Optimization: Optimization of support for default card.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: lock screen camera is called the left slide to slide.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: Optimization screenshots notification logic, click on the share button automatically clear notification.

Audio frequency

  • FIX: listening to music with headphones, the notification bar appears murmur or break the sound mute switch.
  • FIX: When headphones to listen to music, to micro-channel message or phone, listen to the micro-channel voice, the sound suddenly becomes large.

Mobile butler

  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch failure problem.

Application Encryption

  • FIX: micro-channel phone book can be read encrypted messages.


  • FIX: third-party applications do not call the camera OK button and remake after shooting.
  • Fix: under password lock screen shortcut to open the camera when using the camera flash back Burst.


  • Music Comment: Add comment and reply comment function point Like.
  • Local Scan: add a key scan local music, support audio filter.
  • Folder Management: Add all folders management functions.
  • FM Radio: New FM radio.
  • Message Center: New Message Center, you can view comments and bulletins Reply.
  • Push message: add “to receive messages push” switch.
  • Manual adjustment sequence: playlist support manually adjust the playback sequence.
  • Version Upgrade: New version upgrade inlet.
  • Optimization: Optimization of musical support for Talkback.
  • Optimization: Adjustment Home template sort, “guess you like” to the fold.


  • Online ringtone: set alarm tone increase “online ringtone” entrance.
  • World Clock: World clock when adding new cities by nationality search function.
  • Optimization: Merge Ringtones and Flyme music as “local music”.
  • Timer: timer increases the volume control function.


  • Guide Page: increased for the first time to start a new page guide features.
  • Ad blocking: browser settings increase the “ad blocking” switch.
  • Flash: Support Flash Player mainstream video site.


  • Optimization: support slide switch mode calculation.


  • Symbol: Increase math, special, number three categories of symbols keyboard.

Landscaping theme

  • Cheap Font: Font support special events.


  • Optimization: Click Search plug into the search page, hot words card pre-show.


  • Optimization: Optimization compass calibration experience.
  • Optimization: Adjust measurement scale of initialize.


  • Adjustment: Remove “sweep card” feature.
  • Uninstall: sweep the APP support is unloaded.

Set up

  • Optimization: Optimization of power consumption management statistics.
  • Optimization: Application Management “downloaded” entry into “installed”.

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Reconstruction download interface, remove MD5 calculation function.

Flyme OS
Flyme OS

Flyme OS
Flyme OS


And for the Global version?

Even with the 5.1.4 there’s no G version yet?

Thanks very much guys for developing!


Any plans to release G version?


There have been plans, but Meizu hasn’t kept any of their deadlines.


@carmelo88 useless, we’ve got a fully pictured guide for this:


@gilbert it sounds like a hardware issue to me, rather than a software one.
Did you tried to perform the upgrade with “Clear Data”?


What the … is this ? :frowning: uid:50000 ?


In version app notifications still doesn’t work. They didn’t work in either. In notifications are working.

Do someone know where this problem could be reported and to whom? This is a major problem to me.



I think I found solution for this problem. To get notifications back I did the following:

  • Updated the Security app;
  • Cleared app data of Security app;
  • Rebooted the phone;
  • Opened Security app and:
    – setup the “Memory acceleration whitelist” located in Accelerator --> Options (the icon in the upper right corner);
    – setup the list of auto launched apps in Permissions --> Auto-launched apps;
    – setup the list of apps which should not be killed during system standby in Power --> Standby management;
    – and probably the most important step: disable the setting “Disable linked launch” in Power --> Options (the icon in the upper right corner);
  • Reboot the phone again.

Probably not all of the steps above are necessary but I wanted to be sure.

This seems to fix my problem with lack of notifications. Fingers crossed :)

More info here:


@bkulov these instructions are from this site actually. But nice to know Flyme people read here as well.


I cannot install anything on Google Play on 4g/3g, only works on wifi. On 4g/3g sais “waiting for network”, internet works because I can navigate even in store. Didn’t have this problem on I reinstalled google apps, deleted acc 2-3 times and re-added, same. Put them on whitelist in accelerator, power, autostart, notifications. I put this rom because battery backup sux, I will use it til they release a higher G version, but so far I’m very disappointed. If you have a suggestion how to fix I will be very grateful.


@Mihnea_Perianu simply open up the Download app first and then go to its Settings disabling Wi-Fi only.


@Rey you are da man! Thx a lot :trophy:


I need, help i have the meizu pro 5… I download the original from official flyme … i have now (phone came with this)… put the new firmware in the root directory as aked… . but when i hit update is charging for a moment then is giving me the message "firmware is corrupt " any fixes for this… !!

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