Meizu M3 and Yun OS

Hi Guys!! As I need a new mobile phone as soon as possible, i was thinking…
Can I buy from Aliexpress a Meizu M3 with (probably) Yun OS and then change it later with Android? (Flyme international version) Thank you in advance!:)


No you can’t, unless Meizu releases a non YunOS based Flyme rom for the m3. Yet it is unknown if the m3 is even going to be available for our markets.

Thank you very much Admin! How long does it take for Meizu to decide that? If you were in my shoes, would you run the risk of buying M3 or would you purchase a M2 instead?

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@User-M2 depends. In maybe 2-3 weeks we might see some results. However, I personally would go for the m3 rather than the m2, even if it might be YunOS only.

Yeah, thank you! The only problem is that I read somewhere that some crucial android apps (e.g. Facebook) do not work properly on YunOS…


@User-M2 actually YunOS is build on top of Android. It is a simple fork of it. As far as I can tell most users get along with it (m1 metal, m2 note and m2 test firmwares). What is missing though is the possibility to root the device.

Thank you very much for the information!! I will think about that!

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