Can't install google dialer on flymeOS beta


I try to install google dialer and contact on my meizu pro 5 with flymeOs beta with no success…
I try with the tuto to put apk on system/priv-app, i also try with app center, apptoide and google…

At a moment i arrived to install but when i opened it, it closed immediatly…
I had already install google installer and messenger, agenda… work fine… it’s only dialer and contact… an idea?



@dcarb then it is most likely an incompatibility with the Flyme framework and not much you can do against.

Ok… Thanks for the reply!

Maybe a day a stock rom!!!

I put the apk on priv-app, change permission, change the default app for phone… but always when i open it’s closed immadiately… I don’t have a message “force closed” nothing… maybe i can see the message with logcat?

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