MX 4 PRO and several big issues...

Hello, i have bought MX 4 Pro this week and it seems the phone is useless because of several issues:

  1. Can’t import sim contacts, sim card is recognized and it works on 4G, when I try the option to import sim contacts I face the information that the sim card is busy and to try later… never works…
  2. Root problem - the device is flashed with Flyme 4.5.7I (need Polish language that is why this version), there is no active root although I have tried to root the phone by registering the flyme account, when I go forward the option to open system priviledges is open but root checkers say there is no root at all…
  3. There was no otg support, seems no problem after all because I only need to put one file in permissions folder but weird that does not work from the start and no root makes it rather impossible to
  4. The loudspeaker seems to be broken, sounding like mono but unclear as well, is it software issue or the speaker is broken? Because I found other people faced the audio problems which were caused by the software itself…
  5. Enabling DAC in other than stock players, found a solution that is to put a line containing the name of the app in a file for hifi app compatibility and I wonder if there is any option to make the dac work with all audio apps without editing that file, the info is here on the forum BUT I can’t find a word about manual changing of the amplification and when I plug small earphones there is only one option available which is low gain, when I plug Beyerdynamic T90 there are all of the options available, even line out which is the most powerfull of all and T90’s sound really good. Any option that I could set hihger than the low gain for my Sennheiser IE80’s? They sound bit to quiet with the low gain…

Please, give me any advice so that I could make the phone useful.

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About the first 4 issues - how did you installed the firmware? Did you performed a clean installation (clear data option enabled during upgrade) or did you do a dirty flash? Often this is the reason why bugs appear. So maybe try reinstalling the firmware again with the clear data option.

For 5 - well I am no expert about audio settings, however did you considered using Viper4Android FX (only works with a 3rd party Music app)?

Here, method #3, at least the guy from whom I have bought the phone claimed to install it with this method. Now I am wondering how to reflash it by myself as it requires rooting which I can’t perform…?

About viper4android… Well, to be honest I personally don’t like it, I prefer less software for the audio, straight from the dac chip to the phones, like with my Galaxy S3@boeffla kernel where I did’t use any sound adjustments, only the one built in the kernel.


@rayfe check the first post, it tells you that using method 2 or 3 will require you to redo it. Actually the whole guide covers it.
To root your device needs to be connected to a Flyme account, then you will find it in the Flyme settings.

I found the option to unlock the root in settings but it did not work, no root when checked with apps nor supersu etc working right… Well then, there seems to be an option to revert the rom with the stock recovery which seems to be very easy (but seems that non international roms can be flashed this way) and then start all over again…


@rayfe how about switching to an A firmware temporary so you can perform the steps again?
Really do not know whats wrong with the I firmware…

Yes, this is the last option that I find easy to perform… Do You think I can flash it with the stock recovery? Do I need only the firmware .rar file or do I have to convert it? Because some methods require the convertion of the rom files as I have been reading various instructions…

Can I flash the v5.1.4.0 “A” firmware or is it better to take on 4.5.7"A"?

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@rayfe doesn’t really matters. You could go for though and see how you like it though. On the other hand using Flyme 5 to flash Flyme 4 has a greater risk for bootloops (dirty flash).

This is why I hesitate a bit, to try and test the new firmware but on the other hand a chance of some issues after reflashing it with the previous version :/ I will look for some info about changes that were made for the new version and decide is it worth to take the risk :P Wondering if there is Polish language in the new firmware, to sell a phone with English out of the most common would be a bit too dificult here i Poland because not many people operate the language well enough to make it with the phone and think as I do about reselling it to someone who has lower language skill…

Could You tell me if the newer version is much iproved over the 4.5.7 one?


@rayfe well Flyme 5 is definitely newer than 4 ;)
However, if you need a maximum of stability stay at Flyme 4. Even though it is buggy as well, Flyme 5 is even worse.

Well then, to hell with bugs :E I’ll stay with the older one, stability is what I prefer over the hanging functionality. Moreover, I rather go for the audio so there is a long path for me to go and search for info how to work out things I listed in post #1…

And how about the recovery, no problem to flash the 4.5.7A with it? No need to perform any preparations? I know that the .rar file has to be put in the main folder and to run the recovery I need to press the combination of vol up + power.

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Well, can’t find any guide, I assume that it may look a bit different than with Samsungs’…

After fight to death I manaded to install the 4.5.7A firmware and then install international version 4.5.7I using method with the PC. Well then, seems that root has awaken but still:

  1. No sim contacts, sim card is busy, please try again later, any other apps don’t show contacts as well… Damm it!
  2. OTG… although I managed to copy the file to the system\etc\permissions directory nothing really happened, rebooting the device didn’t make any difference as well… Maybe the file from my Galaxy S3 is not the solution?

Any ideas how to solve these two hellish bugs?

edit: i found some strange info that the sim card may be “too old” for the phone to cope with it properly and that may be the reason why I don’t see sim contacts… By the way, where do I find an option to select if to display sim contacts or device contacts etc? Is there any?

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